It’s a quiet evening in Canada and you’re done with your day job, your night obligations, and chores so, now what? This may sound relatable, especially in the era of the pandemic when going out wasn’t an option. Your mind craves some pastime online entertainment and you’ve come to the right article for it.

The pandemic may have pushed us into isolation but opened new avenues of fun. Many people dug into their closets to find board games filled with cobwebs. Some went online and discovered a series of fun activities to do. Some caught up with their favorite shows and movies on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and many more. We’ll walk you through the 4 best online pastime entertainments that’ll keep you sane and calm in this difficult period. Let’s get started:

  1. Streaming shows online

It was 2020 that was the dawn of the streaming industry in Canada and people realized how much money was wasted on cinemas (not wasted, more like consumed). When people realized that the recent releases of TV shows and movies are right within reach of your phone, or laptop, they couldn’t resist subscribing. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney Plus, etc. have reigned over as a great source of entertainment.

For Canadians, Netflix Canada is a great option since it has a vast library of content. It covers a multitude of genres and subgenres and is a great way to spend your pastime. Notice I said Netflix ‘Canada’. That’s because Netflix has geo-restrictions and some countries get a different choice of watchlist and suggestions like Netflix UK, USA, etc. Hulu is currently available for the USA only. But that doesn’t mean you miss out on these options. Just get a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that seals your identity and helps you unblock streaming services like Hulu in Canada. That way you get Netflix GLOBAL, Hulu, Disney Plus, Prime video, etc. on your screens.

  1. Reading online

Whether you’re an avid reader or not, this is the right time to pick up the habit of reading. Some might have a shelf full of already read books and some might not even know about the shelf of books in the house. Either way, it is a smart move to get into online reading.

Many websites offer free PDF books and comics to read. There is a popular site called ‘pdfdrive’ where there are a ton of free pdf books. You can also buy books from Amazon and other online stores. Let’s not deny the fact that reading is a success trait and now that you have the time, what’s stopping you?

  1. Online Games

I think it was in the movie Karate Kid that ‘Too much of something is not good. When it comes to online games, we may need to remind people of this. But before that, let’s explore the world of online gaming. There are many games on the app store and websites that can be your mood boosters.

In 2020, the world bid farewell to flash, which could run many online games. But there is a workaround. Websites like Y8 released their own set of software that supports all flash games. If you don’t want to go through that, then there are many online multiplayer games to enjoy. One of the most popular choices was 8 Ball Pool which has a special place in the gaming community.

Games don’t stop here. With new consoles, game releases, and updates, we see the gaming world rising higher than ever before.

At this point, we’d like to add a small disclaimer about how too much gaming can be bad for your health. Remember that it is a pastime, and you must limit and maintain your consumption throughout the day.

Online VOD service on television. Man watching TV, streaming service, video on demand, remote control in hand.

  1. Social Media use

This point can be debatable as a good use of time or not. Many people have seen the toxicity of social media and how it consumes us of our emotions and thought processes. If you’ve seen the documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’ you’ll know what we’re talking about. But it is not the platform’s fault, as much as it is the use of the platform.

Social media sites were built to connect people. By effective use of space, you can connect with new people, join relevant and healthy groups, and network with people every single day. It will contribute to your growth. There is a group and page for every interest, and you should be in the ones most relevant to you.

You can pin notifications of your favorites and enjoy their content in your pastime. Even here, the disclaimer of ‘too much use of social media’ applies. Try keeping a healthy balance between your onscreen/offscreen time.


Your pastime just got more exciting with these 4 suggestions. After implementation, you’ll feel a productive use of time and headspace. We hope you abide by the disclaimer and have a happy and healthy day of activity.

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