This is a video of comedian Scott Rogowsky pranking other subway riders by “reading” hilariously fake books on the train. They range from ridiculous (How To Hold In A Fart!) to creepy (Human Taxidermy: A Beginner’s Guide!) to taboo (Ass Eating Made Simple!). The reactions from his fellow subway passengers is super amusing, but my personal favorites are those people who see what he’s reading and just do not GAF because they are tired from a long day’s work and they want to just get home and put on some sweatpants and eat the leftover Chinese take out they know is just waiting in the fridge for them. But maybe I’m just projecting. It’s a very real possibility, but can you blame me? That kung pao chicken has been calling my name all day. I hear you and I am comin’ for you, boo!

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Via: Mashable