There are a lot of cool NBA shoes, many of them became iconic thanks to the players that wore them. It’s always important to see the type of shoe that players are wearing, because they are sold right away and they usually are iconic pieces that have a lot of value in time. It just shoes how much people care about the NBA and the shoes that players wear. Here you have a list with some of the most iconic shoes in the NBA.

LeBron blocking Andre Iguodala in the 2016 finals

When you think about important matches in the NBA history, this is surely one of them. It’s incredible and it tells the story unlike any other match. It’s different from many perspectives, but at the same time it encourages you to see it from a different look. Yes, it’s a cool moment, and the fact that the team won after that just makes it over the top and a lot cooler. Of course, the shoes worn here are just as important. The Nike LeBron Zoom Soldier 10 that LeBron wore are pretty interesting. They sell for $250 right now and people love them because of their cool look and immersive appeal. But what really matters with these shoes is the quality which is unprecedented and the fact that the design is not over the top. It helps you get comfortable in your shoes as you play and win.

Kobe Bryant scoring 81 points

Scoring 81 points in an NBA match is an achievement and it definitely pushes the boundaries when you play so well. It was nice to see such an exciting play from him, and it really stands out of the crowd by making the game feel very immersive and unique at the same time. It’s certainly different, and that’s the thing that makes it look so cool too. So yes, you should totally check it out. Kobe actually wore his signature Nike Kobe 1, his first shoes from Nike when he did this, so obviously it was a pretty impressive thing to achieve. It’s a very cool thing to see this, and it says a lot about him.

Vince Carter wins the NBA dunk contest in 2000

The interesting thing here is that he was wearing some shoes that are not as popular as others, mainly the AND1 Tai Chi. It was a very special type of shoe with nifty features and a ton of attention to detail. You rarely get to see so much value and quality in a shoe, and that’s maybe what really set the tone for these cool and nifty pieces right here. It really is an iconic shoe, and the fact that it was used during a dunk contest made it even more interesting. Vince had a contract with PUMA, but he breached it and went with the AND1 company, although he had to pay PUMA a hefty premium for the contract breach too.

Kobe Bryant scores 60 points in his final NBA game

When you have the last match of your career, you really want to make it stand out. He really brought in his A game, and he scored 60 points, which is quite the achievement for an older player of his caliber. That being said, Kobe was wearing the Nike Kobe 11 Fade to Black at that time. This is a type of shoe that doesn’t have the flashiness other shoes have, and they do stand out of the crowd. It’s definitely one of the shoes that people love because they are unique, different and with a pretty nice design. It’s basically multiple nuances of black with the Nike logo in gold. You can buy that particular shoe he wore during the game for $1100.


All these shoes are very iconic and they represent the history of the game in a very iconic manner. You will be quite amazed with the quality and incredible features in these shoes, and you can easily see they go for a pretty good premium right now. Check them out and you will find them a pleasure to use and wear. Plus, you get that warm feeling iconic people wore them during NBA matches!


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