Finding a unique gift for a sports fan close to you can be difficult—and even more so if that person is a fantasy sports buff. For the most part, fantasy gifting guides cover football in North America. However, these tips can be applied to all major sports, from the NHL to the NBA.

Those who live with or know a diehard fantasy fan understand how important the latest information and stats are. While some sports fans already have accounts with fantasy sports betting sites that cover football, one of the most straightforward gifts would be to direct someone toward a new quality platform.

Or, for those who have stuck to Football Manager and similar games, a solid idea would be to introduce them to their first fantasy sports betting experience. Most sites, such as Fanteam, offer refer-a-friend deals, which means even the gifter benefits.

But what about fantasy sports fanatics who already have their favorite tip sites and breaking news apps picked out? After all, most active fantasy sports gurus are already loyal to a specific stats or tips company, which makes finding a unique gift a real challenge.

Running out of ideas? Keep reading for some of the most unique fantasy sports gifts for sports fans of all stripes.

For the Man-Cave

If your fantasy fan has a special area dedicated to watching the latest games and tinkering with their fantasy roster, this is a great place to start in terms of gifting.

  • Wall Decals: While the days of Fathead stickers are largely passed, there’s no shortage of removable wall decals that sports fans will enjoy. These cover team logos to specific players and come in a range of sizes for all spaces.
  • Chairs: Those looking to go above and beyond can gift their fantasy sports lover a comfortable chair that makes spending hours watching a game or rehashing their own playbook a breeze.
  • Subscription: As mentioned above, most fantasy buffs already have a preferred site picked out for news, tips, and stats. However, some subscription packages, such as NFL Rewind, are designed specifically for fantasy users. They allow viewers to rewind and watch the action over and over again.

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For Nostalgia’s Sake

Many diehard fantasy fans have spent years playing season-long and daily fantasy sports games. The vast majority have a preferred team, as well as a specific era in mind when they think of ‘the glory days’. Below are two gifts perfect for these major league aficionados.

  • History book: Regardless of which city and decade a person’s favorite team played in, there’s likely an in-depth dive into the details and circumstances surrounding a major championship game. In the US, these projects also cover NCAA teams.
  • Trading cards: Today’s collectibles craze may be all about NFTs, but for the nostalgic fantasy sports fan, a package of physical trading cards from the 1980s or 90s will be enough to reignite their interest in an old roster or a forgotten player.

A Personal Touch

Looking for a gift with a more personal touch? Here are a few suggestions.

  • Actual tickets: Like the fantasy sports betting site mentioned above, this may be an obvious choice for someone looking to surprise their fantasy sports fan. Keep a lookout for games against top rivals and games where stadiums will be offering memorabilia deals for spectators.
  • Personalized jersey: What’s cooler than buying someone a jersey of their favorite player? Customizing a team jersey with the sports fan’s name on it, instead.
  • Relic items: Oftentimes, when a popular franchise tears down a stadium or does major renovations, they’ll create unique memorabilia from building materials. Depending on your budget, keep a lookout for relic items, which run the gambit from cuff links to a whole stadium seat.
  • Shoe deals: Depending on which league and player a fan follows, there’s likely a unique collaboration in the mix. For example, brands like Nike sponsor athletes to create a shoe line with their skills in mind. These cover athletes from Chris Paul to Cristiano Ronaldo to Rafael Nadal, and are a great gift for sports fans of all stripes.

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