Las Vegas is associated with all the earthly pleasures and activities that you would rather keep to yourself. From gambling in casinos, luxury shopping, fine dining, world-class buffets, diverse entertainment, to all-night parties–Sin City has it all.


Over the years, the Las Vegas clubs have evolved from cramped locations and inexpensive liquors to the full spectacle that they are today.


In 2017, Las Vegas joined the other states in legalizing recreational marijuana. But the law has strict provisions on where you can light up the joint. It remains illegal to be seen smoking in public.


Now, they are thinking of consumption lounges where you can enjoy your weed in a public setting. It will address the problem that most tourists face when they are in Sin City. They can buy marijuana at dispensaries, but they cannot smoke until they are back in their hotel rooms or homes.


Las Vegas has more than 40 million visitors a year. Some of them would like to have the full Vegas experience, which means doing something they would ordinarily never do.


But if you are thinking of bringing weed when you go to Las Vegas clubs, please reconsider. You will get stopped at the door.


Leave Your Edibles at the Hotel


Bars and nightclubs follow strict regulations when it comes to serving alcohol to guests. For instance, they need to secure a permit to serve liquor in the first place. Besides, the law prohibits them from giving beer to minors. If you plan on having a good time, do not forget to bring along your ID as proof that you are already at a drinking age.


Conversely, the legalization of recreational marijuana in Las Vegas is not a license for patrons to consume weed inside the nightclub. The establishment has to strictly enforce this rule at the risk of losing their business permit.


But it is not just a joint, bong, or pipe. You are also not allowed to bring THC vapes, edibles, and tints. While you are not likely to be booked for the stash, you can bet that you will not be allowed inside.


You will be stopped at the door by security. Then again, even if you happen to smuggle in a blunt, you have no opportunity to light it up anyway. If caught, you will get kicked out of the premises. And nobody wants that kind of embarrassment.


Have Harmless Fun


The good news is you do not need additional buzz to enjoy the Las Vegas clubs. These places are events unto themselves. It is understandable, of course, as nightclubs always try to find a way to give guests the time of their lives.


There are numerous nightclubs in Sin City, and they are brimming with a 4-mile stretch of The Strip. The nightclubs need no additional incentive to make sure their guests keep coming back for more. So, you will always find something fun when you go clubbing.


Instead of weed, bring extra cash instead. Liquors can become expensive, ranging from $5 to $15 per drink. And you also need to pay the admission fee, table charge, not to mention tax and gratuity.


But then again, you are in Las Vegas. It is the time when you are allowed to commit mistakes. Leave your regrets for tomorrow.



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