This is a music video for Beyoncé’s Drunk In Love using only emojis. Usually I’d be sternly opposed to a Beyoncé music video without Beyoncé, but Vimeo-er Jesse Hill did such a bang up job that I forgot all about my stauch views on Beyoncé-less music vids. It’s seriously mesmerizing, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it. Like, I turned my head at one point to see who was screaming “THE BREAK ROOM IS ON FIRE!” but my eyes remained fixed on the screen. Turns out, it was Ted. Don’t worry, the fire department successfully put out the flames, but unfortunately the coffee maker didn’t make it. The only casualty was Ted. Karma’s a bitch, man! What? I saw him steal my sandwich out of the community fridge once.

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Via: The Cut

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