If you want to convert your dirt bike into a supermoto, and make things legal, you’ll need to make a few changes. When it comes to wheels, you’ll want to use street tires, with 17-inch wheels being the most common. Lights on your converted bike are also required, everything from brake lights to taillights to headlights. This is where cheap motorcycle parts come in handy, as you will be making quite a few changes to get your Yamaha street ready. A front brake upgrade is crucial, too, since you will likely be going faster on the road. Other additions might be required, such as a horn, a legal exhaust, mirrors and reflectors.

Quality Aftermarket Parts

Since you will be making some serious changes to outfit your dirt bike for the road, it makes sense to find a great place to buy Yamaha aftermarket parts. You’ll want a large selection where it’s easy to browse and find the right parts.Since wheels and tires are central to your makeover, you’ll want a large selection of tires and brands to choose from.Look for tires from these top brands:

·        Dunlop

·        Michelin

·        Pirelli

·        Bridgestone

·        Shinko

·        Metzeler

With large selection come great prices.Shop by tire size, tube or tubeless, rim size, brand and terrain. You may also get free shipping and special deals.

Genuine Components

When you retrofit your dirt bike, it’s important to get the best genuine Yamaha parts for your brand new creation. Your hybrid, part dirt bike part supermoto, needs to perform in both worlds, so it may face some uncommon challenges. Quality parts hold up better and allow you to navigate the streets and the tracks with confidence. Safety is increased when you build your bike with parts engineered to hold up to extreme conditions.

Get started now on your latest project. Be smart and order bike parts online from a huge selection of parts.

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