Everyone has immense love for their vehicle. You spend your hard-earned money to buy a car and use it for various purposes.


Do you ever feel the need to keep track of your vehicle? Have you ever faced a situation that you parked your vehicle in a huge car park and had a really hard time trying to locate it? Technology has made it possible to track your vehicle easily and in no time. With the help of a location tracker, you can now get to know the real-time position of your car, no matter where you are. If you have a chauffeur-driven car, it helps to be able to monitor the instances of over-speeding, engine idling, sudden acceleration, hard braking, and over-revving through a smart tracker.


Invest in a top-of-the-line vehicle location tracker for 360-degree security. It comes with benefits like:


  1. Tracking Capacity


Whether you lend your car to a friend or a chauffeur is driving your family, you’ll be worried about the safety of your vehicle. However, you can easily track your vehicle using a location tracker. Along with that, you can also check if and when your car is moving, parked, or standing idle in a secluded area.


  1. Intelligent AI Alerts


Teen drivers indulge in rash driving and over-speeding that can lead to an accident due to their inexperience. Some next-generation location trackers monitor vehicle speed, routes, engine start-up & shut down, and much more. Not only do they monitor these specific things, but they also send out intelligent alerts to know precisely when to act.


For example, you will be alerted if the car exceeds a specific speed limit or breaches parameters set by you. These AI-based alerts also make it easy for you to track the driving behaviour of your teen or the chauffeur.


  1. Geo-Fencing


Location trackers like KENT CamEye let you set geofence alert to track vehicle movement outside designated boundaries. Using the geofence feature, you can set up digital zones on the map and opt to receive alerts whenever your car enters or leaves an area. This feature is especially useful when a driver or your teen is behind the wheel. With Geo fencing and location tracking, you can be aware of the location of the car and the user’s proximity to the specified place of interest.


  1. Two-Way Calling


A reliable location tracker with smart features like a two-way calling system helps in many circumstances. There are situations when the chauffeur sleeps inside the car keeping the AC on. You can follow up with the driver directly through the device for their irresponsible behaviour. It has an inbuilt mic and speaker that lets you talk back and forth with the chauffeur or your family members easily.


There was a time when only fictional heroes like James Bond and Batman had the technology to keep tabs on the whereabouts of their car. Taking care of a vehicle’s security was a challenging task until a few years ago. That’s when smart solutions like location trackers were created. KENT-CamEye, among other latest location trackers, helps track your vehicle efficiently and offers other tech-forward features too. It continuously captures data related to cabin temperature & noise level, GPS position, and G Sensor (accelerometer) readings – whether the vehicle is moving or parked.


It is powered using USB or cigarette lighter socket of the vehicle rather than being hard-wired to the vehicle’s battery, hence ensuring the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty.  It has a robust battery backup that allows 24 hours of operation even when the car is parked. This location tracker is easy to install, and you can order it from its official Website. You can book a free demo of the device where a salesperson will visit your home to explain the functions and benefits of this 360-degree location tracking device.


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