Homeowners today can choose from a myriad of ways to protect their homes from criminals, from alarm systems to security gates. Some involve the use of technology, while others require enlisting the help of trusted friends and family members. Learn the best and the most effective methods to reinforce your home’s safety and security as you read through the proceeding sections.


Make use of innovative tech solutions available today


If you’re frequently away from home, you should definitely consider investing in tech solutions such as smart lighting. It will fool the bad guys into believing that someone’s home even when you’re away. Smart lighting can be controlled via your mobile device. Others are even programmed to switch on and off according to the settings of the user.


You can also use Alexa to play sounds of dogs barking, babies crying, or plates clanking. To add in more layers to your home’s security, you can use mechanical timers for the radio and TV in the living room.


You should also consider a requesting burglar alarm and security camera installation in Miami. Homes with surveillance cameras and burglar alarms are three times less likely to suffer from a break-in compared to those that don’t have such security features. Position the cameras in areas where burglars will most likely enter and exit such as the front door, the garage, and garden. For maximum safety, replace your front door with a precision built custom all steel door, which is built with the latest manufacturing technology and can match with any interior. It is a perfect solution for people looking to improve the security of their houses


While it may be tempting to install security features on your own, it’s still better to hire a professional. They will make sure that the installed CCTV system works properly and the alarm goes off when someone attempts to break-in. Check the available CCTV installation companies in the area and read their customer reviews, like vivent reviews.


Add a human touch to your security measures


Besides your tech gadgets, you also need to ask for help from friends and relatives and invest in perimeter security products. If you plan to go on a vacation for a few weeks, ask them to come by your house to get the mail, tidy up the porch and check your home for any signs of break-ins or animal invasion.


You should avoid posting your travel data online. Posting updates such as “Having an awesome time at this beautiful beach resort ATM!” is tantamount to saying “I’m not home. You can burglarize my house now”. Burglars and other criminally inclined folks are stalking their preys online. Don’t give any details about your trip until you get back home.


You can also join and participate in exclusive community discussions or groups in your area. Pay attention to what the members of the homeowners association say about the security in the area and how they protect themselves from potential break-ins.


Lastly, avoid leaving clues that you went on a vacation. If you’re subscribed to the daily mail or if you regularly receive newsletters, put them on hold until you come home. You should also do the same to your scheduled deliveries from online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.


It’s quite impossible to anticipate every potential residential security threat. The best thing to do is to practice safety and security techniques to avoid getting stuck in a perilous situation.

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