20 Brilliant Bookcases

20 Brilliant Bookcases

While it becomes easier to store digital media, it seems to become more interesting to store the real deal. Your book collection in particular says a lot about your personality, so why shouldn’t your book shelf do the same? We found 20 of the most brilliant bookcases for stylish readers.

Cave Book Case

Who doesn’t love to curl up and surround themselves with books and escape for an afternoon? The Cave bookshelf allows you to literally do just that. Grab a book, climb in and forget the world. The concept behind this design follows that simple idea and turns a normal bookcase into a cool piece of seating. Source

Fairy Tale Butterfly

When in use, it looks like a simple place to keep a book, but when you pick up the book something surprising happens. The Fairy Tale Shelf suddenly becomes a beautiful piece of minimalist home decor. A single piece of stainless steel cut in the shape of a butterfly wing uses light and shadow to display a full butterfly on the wall while you read your favorite story. Source

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Platzhalter Expanding Bookshelf

If your bookshelf always seems to be bursting at the seams, maybe you should just let it. You’re obviously not going to stop collecting more books than you have space for, so why not store them on something that adapts to your needs. Although after a certain point you may realize it would have been more prudent to just by a second regular shelf instead. Source

DIY Inverted Bookshelf

Follow these simple instructions and create your own upside down book shelf that freaks out your roommate. It’s a quick enough project that you can do it before he gets up for work. Unlike the time you stapled his coat to the ceiling, this won’t damage any property. In fact, the bookshelf is completely functional. Source

Repisa N5

You gotta keep your options open, whether you’re trying to maximize on shelf space or square footage, this dynamic piece of shelving makes it simple. The Repisa N5 by Sebastián Errázuriz lets you create as much or as little shelf space you need with a flick of the wrist. Source

Books to Go Bookshelf

You know that dessert island book question? Forget that question. Why only have 1 book with you when you could conveniently transport an entire book shelf with wheels and a handle? Even if you never take it anywhere, you’ll never have to worry about your books flying off the shelf. Source

Pack of Dogs

These friendly creatures may not be as furry as man’s best friend, but they certainly are just as loyal. All throughout your home or office this little guy and his friends serve as bookshelves, benches, stools, magazine racks or bookends. The Pack of Dogs bookshelf is small enough to fit on a desk so you can keep him and your books close by as you work. Source

Bed Case

If you’re impressed with the space saving power of the Japanese roll up futon you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. This bed/bookcase triples as a place to sleep, a place to keep your books and an interesting peice of decor. The Bed Case creates a very likable and attractive solution for space management in a small apartment. Source

Tangram Bookshelf

Creative use of shapes, endless possibilities.
If you liked playing with Tangram blocks as a kid, but can’t quite bring yourself to break out the blocks as an adult, this book case will alleviate the urge. Get the shapes you need and create unique artwork that expresses your style. Source

Books on Earthquakes

If you’ve ever been obsessive about making sure your books line up neatly by height, then you’ll probably would hate the disorder of the Books on Earthquakes bookshelf. Sort of a lego meets Barbie meets global disaster the design isn’t just strange, but incredibly versatile due to the “lego” like modular components. You can create a very tall (unstable looking) shelf or 2 smaller ones from the same parts. Source

Cardboard Yin Yang BookShelf

Bring some balance into your home with this incredibly beautiful and simple design. Believe it or not this beautiful bookcase is made out of cardboard and is apparently sturdy enough to hold up just fine. We imagine it takes quite a bit of skill to build something like this, but it’s an example from a do-it-yourself tutorial that shows you how to design your own cardboard furniture (and save a ton of money in the process). Source

Opus Shelving

You won’t have to worry about dressing up this bookshelf with accessories because it creates enough interest on its own. Inspired by the Roman wall building technique “opus incertum” the designer Sean Yoo began to notice those shapes throughout nature. The shelves can be stacked or placed side by side and make a great partitian, letting you grab books from either side.

Bliss Storyline Shelving

A great book can bring powerful images and sounds to your mind and bring you bliss…. apparently so can a great book shelf. The Bliss Storyline shelf visually represents the soundwave of the spoken word “bliss.” The resulting shape creates a very dynamic look that works whether you keep it minimalist with only a few books or really use the shape to it’s full advantage. Source

Quad Shelf

Why should your bookcase or DVD rack just be something in the background no one notices? Let your collection stand out with this unique piece of furniture that quickly becomes the focal point of any room. Fit all of your media, large or small on the same books shelf. Huge reference books, tiny pocket sized books, CDs, DVDs, documents… you’ll find room for anything you need to store here. Source

Spell Shelf

Sometimes it’s best to be as clear as possible. We’d love to see the living room that this matched where the seating spelled out words like “sofa”. That way there would be no mistaking what all of your furniture is used for. That is of course unless your house guests don’t speak English. Those poor saps will have to figure it out based on context. Source

Rafter BookShelf

City life is great, but unfortunately space is limited,and usually expensive since it’s the one thing everyone wants more of. That’s why you don’t let any square feet go to waste, even your ceiling works for you! The Rafter Bookshelf is a simple solution to finding more book storage, and assuming your landlord doesn’t mind, it makes a great weekend project to build yourself. Source

Bookshelf Annotation

We think this design really speaks for itself. Stupid puns aside, the Bookshelf Annotation is a great accent shelf to place above your favorite chair and with some of your all time favorite books. It lets everyone know what books really speak to you (so to speak). Source

Round Sofa

Sort of your own personal haven, the Round Bookshelf Sofa allows you to surround yourself with all of your favorite things and relax. This space saving contemporary design would work well in a bedroom, living room or public library. Fill some of the cubbyholes with speakers and listen to some music as you read and really detach yourself from your surroundings. Source

David Restorick Bookshelf

You’ve been there, not a bookmark in sight and you’ve gotta run in the middle of your favorite read. You lie the book down flat thinking your page is safe, and the cat walks by and knocks it off your nightstand onto he floor. Never again my friend with this clever shelf design. You can put your book down on it and keep your page. This versatile shelf would go great next to your bed giving you convenient storage an surface space. Source

Rolling Shelf

Take advantage of more shelf space by making it bend to your will. Create interesting arrangements with varying heights and options with the Rolling Shelf. The flexible ends made from strips of wood are held together by fabric that allow them to be rolled up to make room. Source

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