Everyone knows leadership is a great quality to possess and is highly sought-after. Books detailing how to become a leader or take on leadership traits are constantly raved about and promoted as “must reads.” But you probably haven’t ever really thought about the why. What exactly separates the leaders from the followers, or even those who are simply less-inclined to lead? And why is leadership so praised? We have asked 15 leaders of successful businesses to explain why leadership is so important when running a company. Anyone can incorporate these traits into their daily life and take on leadership qualities! Read on to find out the experts’ tips on why you really need strong leadership at your company.

Leaders Inspire Action

A leader is someone who can rally a crowd and inspire people to follow after them. Because  this trait can certainly be used for damage, it is important to have an ethical leader at the head of the company to drive the employees into action. Rather than having a workplace with a slow or uninspired work pace, employees will be driven to follow in the footsteps of the person or persons paving the way.

Shaun Price, Head of Customer Acquisition, MitoQ

Leaders Take the Company Through New Expansions

Companies that are afraid to take business risks can stay in the same business model for years and never reach their full growth potential. If you look at any of the uber-successful businesses you would want to model your company after, they are the ones who were bold in their endeavors, who took risks that sometimes delayed them but more often benefited them–they were run by leaders. Of course, it is also important to have leaders who have the skill of knowing which pursuits to follow and which to abandon. But although stepping out of your comfort zone is frightening, making the right bold business risks will pay off.

Hector Gutierrez, CEO, JOI

Leaders Model Go-Getter Behavior

There are leaders and then there are followers. So what sets a leader apart? A leader is the person telling the others what to do, and because of the leader’s charisma, the people are inclined to follow. Leaders model go-getter behavior and pursue excellence. Those who have a strong drive to succeed go out and get what they want. Having this quality in the person or people running the company will push your business to get out there and fight for what it wants.

Michael Jankie, Founder, Natural Patch

Leaders Are Good Communicators

A desirable quality that leaders possess is their strong communication skills. In order to inspire others to action and build a following, a leader must be able to effectively communicate why their way is best. Certainly having effective communication abilities will come in handy in every area of life, as the key to understanding people is properly communicating with them.

Omid Semino, CEO, Diamond Mansion

Leaders Are Creative Problem-Solvers

While creativity is praised and leadership is praised, it is true that the two do not always go hand-in-hand and appear in the same person. However, leaders utilize great problem-solving skills and this includes thinking creatively for a solution. HR departments do well to have leaders  in leadership positions because when faced with complicated or stressful situations, leaders are often the ones who come up with creative problem-solving solutions not previously considered.

Olivia Young, Head of Product Design, Conscious Items

Leaders Aren’t Afraid To Do What Is Necessary

Difficult decisions need to be made every day in business. Companies need to have self-assured, confident leaders who will not be overwhelmed with the decision-making tasks. Businesses must have people in charge who are not afraid to carry out what is necessary for the good of the company.

Lauren Kleinman, Co-Founder, The Quality Edit

Leaders Delegate

Those running the company have reached a position where they are overseeing essentially all the roles present amongst the employees. While it can be tempting to use this knowledge to take on all the tasks,, they need to understand that their role is to supervise and administer guidance where needed. This trait is often present in people with leadership qualities. Leaders are able to delegate the smaller tasks that need to be completed and focus on the larger picture.

Jeff S. Goodwin, Vice President of Direct to Consumer and Performance Marketing, Orgain

Leaders Pursue Relationships

Leaders are known as people who get other people to follow them. There is so much more to a leader than this, although it is true that people recognize leadership in those in charge and do desire to go along with what they say. This is because leaders are very good with people. Charisma is often a characteristic associated with leaders, but I have always thought of it more as leaders actively pursue relationships. Establishing connections with people and then continually fostering those relationships results in a person who others want to be around.

Chris Gadek, Head of Growth AdQuick

Leaders Don’t Micro-Manage

When asked what their biggest frustration at previous jobs has been, I have gotten countless responses from workers who felt they were being micro-managed under their previous leadership. Allowing employees the freedom to work independently takes trust on the leader’s part, but it shows a sign of respect and confidence in the employee’s work ethic. Leaders understand the importance of focusing their attention on the bigger issues.

Lindsay McCormick, Founder and CEO,  Bite Toothpaste Bits

Leaders Model Confidence

Why do people want to follow leaders? Because leaders are self-assured which in turn makes you believe in them. Leaders aren’t always right but they never doubt their drive or their abilities, and their strong belief in themselves pushes them to great heights. Placing someone in charge who will model this confidence is a wise move, as confidence is catching!

Mike Pasley, Founder, Allegiant Goods Co.

If you are looking for ways to develop your leadership characteristics, you can read this guide here: https://kurtuhlir.com/definitive-guide-to-servant-leadership/.

Leaders Take Companies to Expanded Revenue

It is extremely  important in business to place people in leadership roles who are not afraid to expand and develop the company. A stagnant company never reaches its full potential. Place natural born leaders into positions where they have the freedom to push the company into a place of deeper revenue growth.

Jeff Meeks, VP of Sales and Marketing, EnergyFit

Leaders Act as the Final Authority

In business, decisions need to be made at high levels. In order to get anything approved, it must first be processed through multiple channels so that people with different areas of expertise can chime in. However, at the end of the day decisions need to be made and sometimes they aren’t easy ones to make. Companies need leaders who will act as the final authority and solidify decisions.

Greg MacDonald, CEO, Bathorium

Leaders Have Done Preliminary Research

While leaders are often praised for their hard work and the growth and expansion it brings about, I can guarantee you that a huge amount of preliminary research went into all decisions. A good leader does not just push a company out of the box without fully understanding the potential risks associated, as well as the benefits. No business wants a reckless person in charge, but what is desirable is a risk-taker who backs up their ideas with research

Shahzil Amin, Founder, Well Before

Leaders Are Focused

It takes a lot to be in a leadership position in business. Sometimes it will feel like you are being hit from all sides with new information and concerns and questions. This can quickly feel overwhelming, which is why leaders have to be extremely focused. They know not to get distracted by the small stuff but to keep their focus on the outlined goals at all times.

Riley Burke, Growth Marketing Manager, Ohza Mimosas

Leaders Are Resolute

Leaders in positions at the top of a business accept a huge amount of responsibility. From decision-making to expansions, there is always going to be the moment when it is easy to question if the right choice was made. Leaders do well in power positions because they are resolute in their decisions. Rather than waffling over whether to make a move or not, they act for the good of the company and do not sway on their selections.

Jessica Herrin, Founder, Stella and Dot

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