Recruitment agencies compete fiercely to tap the top talents. The new strategy recruiters are using is social media recruiting. It is a great solution for your tech recruiting strategy. Social media is not just to promote products or create brand awareness, but helps to identify, attract, engage, and hire passive and active tech talents.

Why use social media as your tech recruitment strategy?

Enhances job visibility

Every candidate you consider for the tech position is active on social media networks. Facebook has more than 2.19 billion active users, while Twitter is popular among millennials and LinkedIn has active Generation X users hunting for jobs. Every social media serves as a great platform for talent acquisition.

Tap the top talents

Organizations have reported that they recruit top talent candidates through social media channels. It is because a majority of people connected with social media platforms are tech-savvy, which is the need to attain a job in the current scenario. They are aware of the emerging business trends and bring exclusive skills to the table.

It is convenient

Due to the market shift, the majority of job seekers are active on social media. Some existing candidates use the social platform to find the next career opportunity.

It is fast and effective

Information travels at the speed of lightning on the internet. In minutes a published advertisement of a company’s need for IT personnel is circulated on various websites. You will be surprised that the news reaches more than 2000 potential candidates within half an hour. The recruiters and job seekers interact easily, quickly, and in an informal way. It works great if you desire to recruit a tech person that culturally fits in your organization.

Reduces hiring cost

Recruiting is costly. However, via social media, the recruitment cost is lower because you gain more visibility than traditional hiring methods like ads and job boards. Vacancies fill faster and it lowers hiring time significantly. It saves plenty of resources in terms of money and time.

It is transparent

On social media platforms, people express their irritations, share experiences, and many such things. They are not aware that potential employers check potential candidates on social channels. It offers them a 360° perception of the tech they are considering hiring. They get to know about the candidate’s personality, ambitions, and what to expect from them after hiring. Screening potential employees are essential for the employer as they desire to add staff that aligns with the culture and value of their company.

Reach passive candidates

You miss on acquiring great talent increases when traditional hiring methods are used because they are unaware of the opportunities. Sometimes, the candidates are not looking actively for career opportunities or considering grabbing an interesting job vacancy. The social recruitment process helps to reach passive candidates with top talents.

Social conversations are easy than face-to-face interviews. People perceive brands with strong social media visibility as more credible. Social media network allows you to acquire highest talent caliber, which other job platforms can hardly match!


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