This is the day and age of social media. Most people have a powerful device in their pocket that allows them to look anything up, have a GPS, shop, listen to music, watch movies, or write a document. It’s called a cellphone. 

If you own a business or you run a practice, your clients are sure to use technology to learn more about you. This holds true for dentists as well. Gone are the days when there was only one dentist in town. There is plenty of competition in a specified radius around you. 

Potential patients are more likely to do online research to find their dentist of choice rather than use word of mouth. Online reviews for dentists are a valuable tool that can help your practice to grow. 

Reviews Are More Powerful than Testimonials

You can include positive testimonials on your website. It’s a common practice for many businesses. However, online reviews hold more weight. Potential newcomers will believe what others have to say about you, especially if there is a variety of reports about your practice. 

Hopefully, there will be more good than bad. Individuals in search of a dentist will tend to have more faith in what patients say about you as opposed to what you post on your website. 

If you are fortunate enough to have plenty of positive feedback, it will bring more clients to your door. 

Encourage Anyone Who Sits in Your Chair to Share Their Experience

When your patients say something good about you and put it in writing,

the word is going to spread. The best way to make your practice grow like wildfire is to encourage everyone to get online to post their reviews. 

When you give them an appointment card for their next visit, include sites where they can jot a quick note about their experience with you. Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Google are great places to start. 

You can even offer an incentive for those reviews, such as a discount on one of your services. Think outside the box. Businesses aren’t afraid to promote their products. You can do the same for your practice. 

Why Do Reviews Hold So Much Weight?

Finding a reputable dentist can be daunting for adults, especially those who have had a negative experience in the past or have been too many years without a dentist. 

Clients looking for a family dentist want someone they can count on for the entire household. They want a name they can trust. Reviews can establish a strong foundation for your practice. 

They also help newcomers to save time. It takes much longer to pick up the phone or visit dental practices. An online search can pull up everything potential patients need to know in a matter of minutes. It’s all at their fingertips. 

Set the Stage for a Successful Practice

The first step in becoming an established dentist is getting a first rate education. The next step is experience. You need to build your practice from the ground up with an inviting facility and talented staff members. But you already know that.

Take the time to design a website that is polished and eye-catching and does all your hard work justice. Get professional help to do so. Go to different sites and directories to fill out information about your practice. This will make it possible for your patients to leave reviews. The more they leave on Google, the higher you will move up in the ranks. 

Your goal is to be on the first page on the Internet when people are performing a search. SEO optimization combined with the power of online reviews for dentists can help you to have a bustling practice.


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