‘What is success?’. This question has had many of us scratching our heads. Is it a new iPhone? But you can get bored with the old model and it can be replaced by a new one. Is a higher record that you can set? But sooner or later a younger or smarter person will beat that record. Some people even spend their entire lives trying to figure out what success actually means and still never do get an answer to that question.

There are books, online videos, and courses that claim to have the ‘secret ingredient’ to a successful life or career, or relationship. They advise and guide you on how to make a lot of money, buy a new car, and even tips on your own start-up company. This somehow makes us believe that success is defined by the ‘I want’ behavior. Success, however, goes much further than that. The old and wise always said ‘Money cannot buy you happiness and there is truth in it.

Success needs a definition that includes all parts of a person’s life. Utilizing time properly, leading a stress-free life, enjoying hobbies, and being in a loving environment, all need to be a part of success. Earning a million dollars per month by doing a job you hate and having no time for your family or friends is not considered a success but rather misery.

Being Successful Is For Everyone

Success doesn’t have a one size fits all definition. Success is the good change we make in our life for long-term benefits. It is about having fun in your journey of life as you create results from whatever it is you may choose – art, lifestyle, sports. It’s a process of growth where you feel happy when you wake up, content after a day’s work, cheerful with your friends and your family. The changes bring happiness and keep your spirit going.

There are a million tips and advice on being successful. However, some simple rules that are easy to be followed can make a big difference to your walk towards success:

  • Have a realistic goal. Impractical goals like ‘I want to own a big Castle’ but still finding yourself sitting in your backyard wondering why you haven’t made it yet, is actually not quite surprising. Make a clear path to your goal stating how much money you need for your dream castle, calculate the months and the amount you need to earn to make for it. Follow the path persistently.
  • Start doing things you love. Put your time and energy into building something every day for a certain number of hours. It does take time and effort. It might show results slowly but the results will amaze you.
  • Be where positivity is. Stop looking for validation from people who don’t really want to help you. Surround yourself with friends and family who look out for you and celebrate your every little success. What more, if you feel too down, you can even check out those quotes that can inspire you.
  • Quit looking for shortcuts and get the concept that you will need to put in work every day for years to achieve anything worthwhile. Be a good relationship wherein you have to make sure you have time to spend with your loved one or owning a red shiny car which will require you to work somewhere to gather money for it.
  • Live as it is the best day of your life. Success is about magical one in a while moments in life. It’s all the moment in between them. Even those when you are in your 9 to 5 desk job. If your passion is to start a business on your own, you can give some extra hours after work and weekends to work on the idea.

The Secrets Ingredients Have Been Revealed And Its Your Turn To Starting Making Your Own Recipe Of Success

So you have your secret ingredients to success and now you just want everything to fall in place and you want it now. The sad truth is that unless you do something about it, no matter how slowly, you won’t even know if it’s really something you or just something you think you want. You will be amazed to see how you have grown one year from now only if you consistently take steps everyday to invest in your personal growth.

Here Are Some Succes Stories of People Who Never Gave Up!

Colonel Sanders was 60 years old when his restaurant business was failing due to a new interstate highway that diverted traffic away. He would walk long miles to pitch his recipe and was rejected 1009 times until someone decided to give his recipe a go. KFC was born!

Kathryn Joosten was a nurse and then a stay-at-home mom whose marriage had failed. She then decided to give a chance to her dream of having an acting career. She was almost 60 when she got a well-deserved success credit and even won two Emmy awards for her performance.

Frank McCourt was a teacher and led a simple life. Not until the age of 65 did he take up writing. He went ahead and wrote books that won the Pulitzer Prize and National Critics Award, followed by movies made based on his books. He now has a museum named after him.

Micheal Jordan spent his off-season practicing hundreds of jumpers every day until it was perfect as his jump shots were not good enough in the beginning.

These people were not just ‘ Lucky people’ or ‘Blessed with Talent’. They worked hard on their goals. They stayed happy and enjoyed the journey every day. So:

If you are an aspiring singer, practice your vocals every day for an hour!

If being a pastry chef will make you happy, kneed that dough until you have the proper softness!

If you plan to run a marathon, put on those shoes and run!

Your answer to what success is for you will come to you!

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