If you have skylights installed in your home, you may already know about the excellent benefits they provide, but have you ever thought of installing them at your place of business? If you work in an office building or retail store, installing skylights could vastly improve your working environment.

In today’s article, we are going to look at the benefits of skylights Perth business owners may want to include in their workspace.

Less Stress and Improved Motivation

If you want your staff to feel less stressed, consider installing skylights. Natural sunlight is a proven mood enhancer and aids in the reduction of feelings of stress and frustration. Simply being exposed to sunlight for 10 minutes will improve working conditions.

Happy staff members work harder and stay more focused on the task at hand.

In a retail setting, customers will feel comfortable and able to take their time when shopping. This will lead to increased sales.

During Covid-19 times, it’s mandatory to wear a mask. This can leave clients feeling frustrated and claustrophobic. Letting in natural light will reduce the stuffy feeling and boost the customers overall shopping experience.

Increased Productivity

Unmotivated employees will struggle to stay focused. They will do the bare minimum to get by and this could decrease productivity. If the workplace is a desired place to be, staff will become more productive. Exposure to sunlight will help them feel more energetic and motivate them to work more efficiently.

Reduced Energy Costs

The use of skylights in the building will mean that you don’t need to rely solely on artificial electric lights. This means that you will save on electricity costs which is a major perk for business owners. Installing skylights that can open will improve ventilation and the overall quality of the air.

With a bit of careful planning, skylights can be installed strategically so you will have little to no need to use artificial light during the daytime. Research has shown that installing skylights can reduce your power bill by as much as 30% per month.

Less Sick Days

Sunlight provides workers with vitamin B and D and improves the quality of the air. There is also less of a concern when it comes to mould and other fungus growth. A damp environment is a perfect place to breed all sorts of diseases. A skylight can reduce moisture and prevent this problem.

In the office, there is always a great debate about the air-conditioner. No one is ever happy as it’s either too hot or too cold! Opening a window may not always be a practical solution. By installing a skylight that opens you can finally put the air-conditioning debate to bed, once and for all.

Artificial light has proven to give people headaches, decrease energy levels and have negative health effects. Keep your team motivated and energetic by installing skylights.

Improved Mental Health

Statistics show that the level of depression in workers is increasing. The vitamin D that you get from the sun is proven to decrease depression. By using the sunlight to improve your staff’s mood, they are less likely to get depressed and reduce their levels of anxiety.

Improved Aesthetics

Installing large skylights will make the room appear much larger. This will make your staff feel less claustrophobic and able to breathe in the space. It also increases the appearance of the building and improves the overall value.

A beautiful working environment will be more appealing to staff, customers and everyone who enters the building. The long-exposure top-lighting is the ideal solution for a corporate environment.

Speak to an expert to maximise the benefits to enhance the buildings orientation, roof slope and positioning to reap the most benefits skylight have to offer. They can help you find the ideal placement and answer any questions that may arise.

Which Businesses Should Consider Skylights

Although any type of business will benefit by installing skylights. Here is a list of commercial buildings where skylights are likely to appear. These include:

  • Airports
  • Shopping malls
  • Schools
  • Sports stadiums
  • Office buildings
  • Equestrian centres
  • Gyms
  • Hospitals

Glazing Choices

Typically, skylights feature laminated safety glass or fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) another option is cellular polycarbonate glazing (CPG). If you’re looking for glazing that provides transparency, then laminated safety glass will be your best option.

In an office environment where diffused daylighting is preferred then FRB or CPG coatings will help minimise glare and prevent eye-straining. By using CPG you will require fewer skylights and save on costs.

Glazing improves durability and design. CPG coating comes in a variety of different designs, colours and coatings. These coatings enhance lighting, improve impact resistance and aid in thermal performance.


Installing a giant window above the heads of your employees may not seem like the safest solution. Skylights, however, are extremely safe. They were designed to resist snow and debris impacts. Even in the case of a hurricane, they will not falter, as long as they have been installed correctly.

Final Thoughts

When properly installed skylights will bring a vast range of benefits to the commercial environment. Staff will feel more motivated, be more productive and call in sick less often. All these benefits result in your company making more money and increasing profit margins.

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