Singapore has a lot to offer new entrepreneurs and veteran businesses owners in terms of opportunities. This island nation harbors a multi-cultural society and boasts a status as the most ‘technology-ready’ nation, especially those who plan to start a business in Singapore. However, getting the word out about your new offers can be very challenging.

Let’s say your product is ready and has already fulfilled the legal formalities to set up shop. How do you start introducing your new brand and making your business profitable?

In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective ways you can do to introduce your new business in Singapore, such as Grants for expanding businesses from Singapore to overseas.

Understand Your target audience

Is your brand a B2B B2C brand focused? Start by having an understanding of your target audience to help you develop a strategy for brand marketing. Knowing can help you define the segments of the market you need to cater to.

What products are you offering? Accomplishing research on your potential customers will aid you in developing a successful marketing strategy. For example, A luxury B2C brand is more likely to create campaigns targeted to a particular segment of society.

Build an effective business marketing strategy with your audience in mind. Your customer persona will also help guide your strategy.

Go local

Develop brand awareness in the local community by getting yourself listed in the local business directories and search engine results like Google and Bing.

Furthermore, you can look at local events, activities, and functions to highlight your brand. You can also begin offering sponsorships at community events or get brand promotion through posters, flyers, banners, etc.

Offering freebie samples is also a good way to acquire potential customers for your brand. This will aid in word-of-mouth marketing too.

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Go online

Going online is one of the most cost-efficient strategies to market your business. Recent statistics show that 84% of the population in Singapore is present and active online.

So, it’s vital to leverage these numbers to your benefit. Building an online presence allows you to market your brand affordably and effectively so long as you have a strategy in place.

Start with a site, blogs, and social media to boost brand and reach. Optimize your website for search engine rankings and follow SEO practices to rank with search engine platforms to get discovered.

Run brand advocacy programs

Good peer reviews are powerful tools for business success in Singapore. Your audience will be highly driven by fellow consumers’ feedback for products and brands. Tap into word-of-mouth by asking and rewarding customers for their precious feedback.

Since most of Singapore’s population is online and actively using social media, you need to capitalize on your social media presence. Conversations happen on social media platforms 24/7. Every conversation about your offers and keywords or topics linked to your brand can hold important cues.


Another effective tip to help introduce your new business in Singapore is a collaboration with brands and social media Influencers. Find out brands that offer products or services that complement yours and get in touch with local influencers, letting them test out and review your product to their followers.

The infancy stages of your business will be the most challenging time. You must start building awareness about your brand with a startup budget. Apply the right mix of marketing strategies listed above and back it up with your product’s value to help you stay on top of your game.

You can learn more about starting a business in Singapore by visiting local blogs and banking partners, which can also help you go through the correct processes and provide tips along the way.

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