Great content can be created everywhere, be it a Notepad app, a real notepad, or a paper towel. But in 2020, there are plenty of apps that truly help you with that, so why don’t you try them? These programs may help you either to write your posts or to make them stand out with brighter and unique features. Use them and create something awesome for us to admire!


One of the most faithful and popular apps and productivity tools is a must for every blogger’s smartphone or tablet. Evernote is a document processor, but it also can be used as a checklist creator. It can capture, store, and organize content. So if you like to write posts on the run, Evernote will be a great aid to sketch an idea or two, take a picture or save an image and store them for later to connect with other your ideas and shape something great, meaningful and structured. The only drawback of Evernote is a small cloud space for each free user, so if you aren’t used to cleaning it regularly, think about alternatives, such as NoteLedge.

Animation Desk

Animation Desk is exactly what is said on the tin: it’s an easy but powerful tool for animations creation. It has a wide range of instruments, including the tools for drawing, graphic processing, and combining different animation pieces. It is available both for Android and iOS and also has a desktop version, so no matter where you are working from – your home computer or your smartphone – you may keep your unique style intact. The friendly and active community will help you with tutorials, extra materials, and other stuff. They even have their own yearly convent and contest called AniMagic, so you may not only create your content but also use it for entering the worldwide competition!

Write-on Video

Video content also deserves its best app, so if you are a fan of short clips or social media stories, Write-on Video is for you. We are used to seeing single-cut stories filmed anywhere, but this app may turn your footage into a short film by cutting, moving, and editing the videos shot with your phone or tablet, adding effects or filters, adjusting the color scheme, and so on. The ending result is YouTube ready instantly. Good content will help you to get more followers. Also, if you’ve only started on YouTube, you can use special services, that you can review on, to increase your audience. But remember: only meaningful and useful content will make you popular!

Write-On Video is also much easier in use than its competitors. You may just drag and drop elements, turn, and scale them. There are only a few buttons to learn, and you are ready to become an awesome video blogger without bulky apps and access to your PC or Mac.


Snapseed by Google was created in 2012 and is still one of the most popular photo editors for mobile devices. This app offers more than any other in-built social network devices. Actually, it combines them all with a bit of Photoshop in the blend. It may slightly adjust your photos or create them into a truly new masterpiece with a wide range of tools that it has. You may add preset filters or create new, tweak colors in a professional way and so on. The greatest feature is that you won’t get stuck with tons of buttons and possibilities: the most popular and easiest ones are on the surface, so you don’t have to dig through many advanced functions to simply apply a mask or blend some skin imperfections.


Instagram might be a vanity fair, but the fact is that almost everyone uses face editors there. FaceApp is one of the best available in AppStore or Google Play. It allows you to change the facial features on the photo, cover some imperfections, enhance details, add them manually, or even create a fully new background for your photo. FaceApp is, obviously, working with faces, so it isn’t very useful for landscape pictures, but if you need to quickly tidy up a portrait, its set of features and filters will be a great help. FaceApp doesn’t require any special knowledge of filters or tools; it operates with simple slides and brushes available in any other photo editing app.

There are plenty of other applications for written or graphical content: having wider or more narrow range of features than these in the list. Feel free to use this guide as a direction, find the tools that suit you, adjust them for your needs, and create cool content, leaving the Internet in shock and awe!


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