Companies are now moving en masse to work from home. But how to restructure so that managers do not lose their grip and business processes do not suffer? Use a selection of helpful pdf tools for remote work. Remote work can be a nightmare for any manager – employees can’t get through; they do work twice as long and carelessly or forget about tasks. These struggles are in vain, as there are enough team tools that will allow you to work as efficiently as in the office. We have compiled a selection of solutions that will enable you to be more productive, even while lying on the couch.


The power of PDF

If your plans as an employer to retain a staff of experienced professionals minimize the risks of infection and massive downtime, check out the helpful tools and applications below. They will provide a comfortable environment for the entire team and quickly adapt some of its members to unusual activities from home. Special programs for PCs of employees remotely will help create effective remote interaction anywhere and anytime.

PDF editors make it easy to edit document text, annotate, add images, and even export files to EPUB format. The number of pdf editing tools options can be overwhelming, but we’ve compiled a list of the best PDF editors. The best PDF tools can merge multiple documents, have cloud storage, and have a document conversion function to convert PDFs to HTML pages or various Microsoft Office documents. We’ve extensively covered the topic of PDFs, publishing a large number of carefully researched tutorials, so you can rest assured that our selection of PDF editors is reliable.


Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is a popular PDF tool that allows you to open, edit, and share PDF (Portable Document Format) files directly from your browser. It enables users to highlight and underline, delete or add text, draw lines and shapes, add digital signatures, and create comments. It is popular with Google Drive and Gmail users who can open and edit any PDF file with the tool as long as it’s allowed to connect to their account. This tool is popular because it will enable you to manipulate PDF documents without first downloading them. Lumin PDF makes life more convenient. It is also one of the few paid programs available for both Windows and macOS documents. This is a program that boasts dedicated mobile functionality and the ability to convert PDFs. The software instantly converts and saves scanned documents to PDF and even can combine multiple documents, spreadsheets, web pages into one PDF file that can be easily shared across various devices. Lumin also offers cloud storage and document access, password protection, and the ability to edit personal information.


Foxit Phantom PDF

Foxit Phantom PDF is another powerful PDF editor with extensive capabilities and, perhaps, more convenient for users accustomed to standard office suites: the interface will be more familiar. In terms of functions, there are no noticeable shortcomings when you compare PDFs to the previous version; perhaps some different nuances are present, but everything that was listed for the editor from Adobe is also here.


LibreOffice Draw and Microsoft Word

The well-known Microsoft Word and LibreOffice Draw, included in the completely free office suite LibreOffice, can open PDF files and change their content. However, editing PDF in these editors is not similar to what is done in specialized tools for this: when opened, the PDF file is converted for editing, and after changing it, you can export it as PDF (via the File – Export menu), but it will not the same file, but a new one.

Sometimes this is quite suitable for solving specific problems and when working with simple files, and sometimes it is not. Moreover, complex formatting and some elements may be lost when opening PDF documents in the specified editors. However, it can be helpful to keep this possibility in mind.


PDF Architect

PDF Architect is one of the most well-designed programs for working with files in this format. The editor has all the necessary functions, but there is one problem: almost everything is available only for a fee. Moreover, it is offered to buy features separately (for example, only editing, but without text recognition) or all at once.



PDFSam is not the only product but several PDF editing programs. PDFSam Basic is available completely free of charge. But the set of functions in it is also limited and includes:

  • Split PDF files into pages or data of a specified size;

  • Combine multiple files into one;

  • Rotate individual pages in a document;

  • Extract desired pages from PDF files.

And if you need full-fledged PDF editing, you will have to turn to PDFSam Enhanced, a clone of PDF Architect with the same payment system.


PDF24 Creator

As the name suggests, the free PDF24 Creator is primarily used to create PDF files. But the approach to creating them here is interesting: you manually add a set of different data – documents, images, and others, after which you form a single PDF file with the ability to delete and change the order or orientation of the pages.


Side Note

In Windows 10, you can save any document, image, web page, and many other materials as PDF.  Start printing, select “Microsoft Print to PDF” as a printer, and this virtual printer will output your data as a PDF file.

Almost all free online PDF editors are minimal and allow you to:

  • Add text to the document (but not change the existing one), and it may be suitable for filling out questionnaires and other forms;

  • Add annotations and highlight text fragments;

  • Remove or rotate pages.


Create and modify PDF on Android and iPhone

The situation with editing PDF files is not the best, but some applications available in the official Play Store and App Store are worth paying attention to:

  • Microsoft Office Lens and Adobe Scan are two applications that can “scan” paper documents using a camera. These cameras have text recognition capabilities and save files to PDF. They can consist of several sheets, and its possible to choose which ones will be included in the final file.

  • Adobe Fill & Sign is an application for filling out forms online or on paper (by scanning with a camera and then filling out). Allows you to save the signature style, data for quick filling (name, address, and other information) for immediate insertion in different documents – questionnaires, applications, and other files.


PDF during the pandemic

Despite the usual format of working in the office every day, remote work is becoming more popular. This is understandable: a company can save on rent and equipment, hire cool specialists from any part of the world, and not waste time commuting to work. The main thing is to assemble a cool team of responsible employees. Such advantages today can be appreciated by those companies who have never thought about remote work but are forced to do so. The epidemic has already had a profound impact on the business sector. Being able to share, edit, and sign essential documents using PDF tools eases life for tons of people all over the world. The most enterprising businessmen are looking for a way out of this situation and striving to bring the business to a new stage of development. While some are cutting costs and laying off workers, others transfer the entire business online and have staff work remotely using special programs and applications that operate over the Internet.


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