Online businesses, especially trading, are becoming more and more popular each day. According to some sources, 18 percent of global purchasing belongs to online trading. This rapid growth is mostly connected with the advancements made in this sphere. You may find thousands of retail trading platforms offering various opportunities and making your business available for anyone. Magento is one such platform, which always goes through many improvements to meet its users’ needs. As a result, it is considered the leading eCommerce platform in the existing market. However, the competition is increasing currently at a fast pace. If you have decided to start your online market with this platform, you are highly recommended to get some insights about its pros and cons and what you need to know before making your Magento website. 

The pros and cons of Magento 

Regardless of the vast competition, Magento has its worthy place in the market, thanks to the many advantages that it offers. 


  • Functionality

No one may doubt that the functionality of Magento is one of the best ones in the world. The ease and convenience of the users make it one of the preferable options. It is much user-friendly and straightforward to navigate. Whether your business is a still small online market or a well-known trading center, the features available for you may be more than enough. Custom Magento development services by Elogic may help you with getting more functionality. 

  • Unique ecosystem 

One of the most evident advantages of Magento is its biggest ecosystem and the extended community. In addition, extensions are offered for free and at a low price; additional features make it the most convenient platform to use. 

  • Wide range of customization 

Although many may consider being an open resource as a con, this is not the case with Magento. Thanks to it, it has the most number of customers and users. 

  • Being a global platform 

Magento makes the trading world much more accessible for anyone from any part of the world. Moreover, there are no distance limits for this platform, which makes it worthy of trying. 


  • Time-consuming. Albeit its improvements, when it comes to launching, it may take some time, which is irritating in some cases. 
  • Price. The ownership price is more expensive compared to other similar platforms. This may discourage many users from using this eCommerce platform. 
  • Complexity and more requirements. Magento has a more complex ecosystem, which makes many users get annoyed. However, once you get acquainted with its format, it will not be so much challenging anymore. 

What to Know Before Joining Magento?

Before joining any eCommerce development platform, it is highly recommended to consider some essential factors. 

  • Platform 

The initial aim of the chosen platform may help you avoid innumerable problems like navigating much easier, do not waste a lot of time trying to find the necessary tools. Magento was initially created for eCommerce purposes, making its usage much more convenient than other similar platforms. If you are thinking about creating an online open market, this platform may serve as an ideal tool. 

  • Design 

The appearance of your website is the first thing that attracts customers. Therefore, targeting creating a simple design is a better idea than including complex graphics, and With Magento, you have two choices: create your theme or use the existing ones. Although creating your theme may cost some money, but it is worth that. It may unlock more useful functionality that may potentially stimulate the progress of your shop. 

  • Security 

The security measurements that the platform takes are another important aspect to take into account. For example, check whether the platform is certified with an SSL connection which ensures the safety of your data. 

  • Speed 

If you appreciate your time, loading speed is crucial if you want to save your nerves. If you want to improve your selling rates, the platform’s speed is an essential point to take into account. 

Taking these factors into account may help your business take it to a better level with Magento development

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