Whether you manage a large business or a small enterprise, running and keeping track of your projects is always challenging. This is why the best time tracking software has become so common in the market.

Up to 77% of high-performing projects make use of project management tools. These kinds of tools help you prepare, implement and close your projects with ease. Through using collaborative software like this, your team can assign tasks and manage them, add files, track time and send messages to each other in real-time.

As 35% of project managers currently use Mircosoft Excel to plan resources, having the correct software in place can make a world of a difference.

In this article, we share the best project management software to use this year. These descriptions are based on pricing, support, ease of use, plan views, capabilities, project management, and a lot more.

The best project management software


Monday.com was previously known as Dapulse, its name was changed to Monday.com and new features were added to it.

With color-coded and clean interface features, this platform is simple to use and it makes it wonderful for project managers to use, whether the manager is working with a small or big team. The platform also comes standard with a mobile app that’s very user-friendly.


ClickUp is the best no-code application that can replace them all. The software is best to use when solving multiple problems for your business. The reason it’s known as the best “app to replace them all” is because its tools can help with tasks, chats, reminders, timelines, docs, and a lot more.

More than 100,000 teams use ClickUp, this includes big brands like Nike, Uber, Google, Netflix, Ubisoft, and Airbnb. On top of that, its tool is also highly customizable and gives you the capacity to create your custom task boards and views, which include team members and projects in review, completed, or in progress.

And also, if you’re wanting to migrate to ClickUp from another platform, you can simply import all your files and information automatically, the process only takes a couple of seconds.

ClickUp provides comprehensive task management, time management and facilitates effective collaboration between various business units through having a wide range of integrations on offer.

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Wrike is a project management and SaaS team collaboration tool that comes with multipane UI and also assists in project management and team collaboration. What makes them outstanding is their wide range of project management attributes, which includes, keeping track of employee availability, team communication, and viewing projects that are at risk. ]

With completely customizable sprint dashboards, team members can see, in progress, new and finished projects in a single place. Teams are also able to share and schedule custom interactive reports to help them make faster decisions.


Asana is named after a pose from yoga, it’s a very popular SaaS-based project management tool. It’s able to operate on Android, iOS, Linux, Android, and Windows. In addition, it comes built with the capacity for different languages uses, which include, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and French.


Hive is a cloud-based collaboration and project management software. It allows you to track progress, manage tasks, automate workflow, and a lot more. Your team will be able to monitor and manage tasks and projects to their liking by being able to switch between different project views.

These project views include:

  • Table view
  • Kanban view
  • Gantt view
  • Calendar view

Hive also offers many different kinds of templates to use right away for recurring tasks or even for creating new tasks. Here you will also get project roadmaps and pre-designed templates.

On the dashboard, there’s also a “My Actions” section, which enables you to view all your actions. Once you have finished assigning tasks, you can break the projects further into different actions like “future”, “current”, “completed”, etc.

This way you can perform actions like adding labels, changing assignees, and automating workflows using a single click.

The Hive Chatbox allows you to flag any potential issue, transfer files and attach the required documents. It also assists you to alert and chat to your team members using the drag and drop action.

In addition, its ability integrates with Outlook or Gmail allowing you to view all your email Hive mail itself. On top of that, you have the option to attach emails to existing or new tasks.

Hive’s mobile application allows you to manage projects while you’re on the go, making it very convenient.

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