Business cards are still vital in expanding your business connections. They help promote your brand and create business opportunities. But in today’s digital age, would it be more advantageous to have a digital business card to share with your prospects? Although some entrepreneurs prefer physical business cards, digital business cards offer more benefits than traditional paper cards. 

Digital business cards are gaining ground in terms of popularity. A recent study by Credify revealed that 79% of people would use a digital business card if offered. If you are wondering how you can benefit from using digital business cards, keep scrolling down to find out. 

What Are Digital Business Cards? 

When business associates cannot interact face-to-face, they can connect digitally through digital business cards. Unlike traditional paper business cards, printed on card stock, recycled paper, or cardboard, digital business cards are shared via email address, text, social media, or NFC technology. 

Digital business cards can be customized with your logo, color, and contact information. In addition, you can easily update the card with new information. The best thing about them is they are environment-friendly. 

Digital business cards are also known as electronic business cards or virtual business cards. Aside from that, digital business cards are stored electronically, like on your laptop, PC, or smartphone. 

Benefits of Digital Business Cards

If you had been accustomed to sharing physical business cards, you might ask yourself: “How will you benefit from digital business cards?” Well, continue scrolling down and find out for yourself. 

1. Easy and Quick Information Sharing  

Paper business cards carry with them the risk of getting misplaced or forgotten. This would not happen with a digital business card. After all, the first thing that people will grab if they need something is their phone. So if they decide to book an appointment with you, they can easily and quickly find your contact information if it is on their phone. 

With digital cards, your contact information is immediately added to your prospect’s address book. As a result, your details will always be with them and will not be lost or forgotten. Also, you do not have to worry about running out of business cards. Since the card is digital, you can always include your contact details in your emails or when in online meetings. 

2. Easy To Create, Edit, and Share 

Digital business cards are shared virtually. They are accessible to anyone with a smartphone. It is also easy to make a digital business card. Tapt is a website that allows you to have a digital business card within seconds. Another thing about virtual business cards is that they can be instantly edited. With a traditional paper business card, wrong contact details are a waste of money. 

In light of COVID-19, businesses sought ways they could still create business opportunities without having to do face-to-face contact. This is another major benefit of using digital business cards compared to their paper counterpart. You can still do business without meeting your prospect personally. 

3. Environment-Friendly 

Paper business cards use paper stock, which usually comes from cut trees. Did you know that more than seven million trees are cut down yearly for paper business cards? Also, are you aware that 90% of those cards are thrown away within a week? You can help Mother Nature by ditching the paper business card and going digital. 

Aside from saving trees, digital business cards can also help reduce the need for printing & designing business cards. You can also save all the other resources used to produce paper stocks for business cards. You can reduce this waste by reducing your reliance on printed business cards

4. Saves You Money 

Paper business cards are printed in bulk for different individuals. Just imagine the amount you need to pay not only for the card but also for the printer. While paper business cards may still be used in some offices, they can be quite expensive to maintain. Also, the cards you give out are usually just placed inside an office drawer and ignored or even thrown away. That’s money wasted. 

What makes things worse is that the current set of printed cards becomes invalid when you change your contact information. So if you get promoted, transfer to another department, or get a new phone number, you will need to print a new set of cards again. With a digital business card, you have to make a few corrections, and you’re done. 

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5. More Space For Information 

Paper business cards have space limitations. In most instances, you only have 3.5 x 2-inch to work with for adding information. Even if you use two sides, you only have 14 square inches of space for the design. Moreover, you may only be limited to text and pictures. This isn’t the case with a digital business card. 

A digital business card provides you with a lot of room for creativity. You can add links, QR codes, and a lot of graphics if you wish to. In addition, you can leverage the zoom capability of your smartphone. Aside from your general contact information, you can use this feature to showcase your portfolio, complete address, or other data you want to add. 

6. Easily Integrates With CRM Systems 

Some digital business cards offer easy integration with CRM so you can start launching your digital transformation. If you already have a CRM system in place, make sure that it is compatible with the digital business card app you are considering. Some digital business card apps can be easily integrated with popular CRM systems like Zapier, Hubspot, and Salesforce. 

In addition, some apps provide access to first-party data allowing you to retarget users online easily. When someone scans the QR code on your digital business card, you can get valuable data like the number of scans and unique visitors, devices used for scanning, top-performing campaigns, and other data. 


As we move forward to the digital age, leveraging technology will give your business a competitive edge. Digital business cards are the next generation of information gathering and sharing. While the physical business cards will not go away soon, going digital is your way to the future. 


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