Are you about to start a new company? One of the tools that you are sure to need is a Business Model Canvas, that is, a canvas divided into the 9 organizational aspects of the company that will help create a visual image of everything that must be done or taken into account. In you will find the best customizable Business Model Template for it.

It is essential that you study, define well, and relationships with each other each of these sections before translating them into the document. In our editor, you have dozens of templates with different designs, ready to edit online and available completely free of charge. Customize them, add your logo … and start your business!

Below we clearly explain each section that appears in any Canvas template:
Key Partners.
Who are or will be your suppliers, shareholders, creditors, etc? Are you going to make a partnership agreement? Specify both your partners and your networking network. Who do you have?

Key activities. Write here the bullet points of your business activity. What is your company basically going to do?

Key Resources. What does your business need? It describes the financial resources (necessary capital, loans, or investors), human resources (what and how much stuff we will need to be able to develop our project), physical resources (machinery, computers, offices, etc.) or intellectual resources (a brand or a patent).

Value proposal. What features and benefits does your service or product have? This is perhaps one of the most important points in which you define what type of strategy your company is going to follow (differentiation, personalized product, or cost strategy). What is different about it?

Relationship with customers. How are you going to identify with your customers? It can be assistance in person, by phone, by means of computers such as email or directly by the client himself, through automated processes, he can solve his doubts himself. We must also take into account the tone that is going to be used to make this communication.

Channels. In relation to the previous point, the chosen channels must be specified. Ideally, a client can communicate with the company in any way, so the greater the number of channels, the greater the satisfaction.

Customer segments. In this section, you have to define the client, their problems, priorities, and needs. You have to choose, therefore, a market niche. It may also be that the product suits multiple niche markets. It is important to be realistic in this section since a mistake that is usually made is to believe that everyone is going to buy our product.

Cost structure. At this point, it is necessary to note both the initial costs to start the project, such as a vehicle or a computer, the variable costs, such as material purchases (they depend on the sales made), and the fixed costs, such as personnel, supplies or rent. One can also speak of economies of scale.

Sources of income. It is a question of defining whether the income is obtained from sales charges to the county, from the use of a telephone line in which the customer is charged, or, for example, by a SAAS subscription model in which recurring charges are made. (as with Netflix or a gym). There is the possibility of mixing several of these sources of income, which will create a much healthier model.

Having these key points specified before starting a business is essential since you will have better understood its reason for being, how it works, and what you will have when you start. Now try to select one of the templates that we have prepared to make this process much easier, edit them and download them to print in pdf, quickly, and totally free. And you know, for any future design you need, we will be here to help you out. Good luck!


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