Promotional items are common and everywhere: Pens, totes, or fridge magnets. I’m sure most people have some scattered at home or in their car. They are effective at making that brand a common name because of the item’s frequent use and visibility. However, to the owner of the item they may not be impactful coming from an employer or prospective client because of their impersonal nature.

Finding items that are impactful, personal, and universally applicable to employees or clients can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Standing apart from low effort or standard promotional items can be done with just a little extra input and thoughtfulness. Below are six off the wall ideas that are sure to be impactful to potential clients and employees.

The Gift of Ensured Health

A proper gift for a client or an employee says you care for that person and their wellbeing. There is absolutely nothing that makes this clearer than a proper first aid kit. This is a great gift for several reasons. It is extremely useful and produces a physical and emotional response. Upon reception, they will initially be pleased to have the peace of mind that a first aid kit provides and place it somewhere accessible at work, home or in their vehicle where they may see it often. In the future, minor injuries will occur, and the first aid kit will feel like a lifesaver.

The Gift of Help During Peril

Being stranded is one of the most inconvenient and possibly frightening experiences one may have, especially in inclement weather. Just like the first aid kit, an auto safety or emergency kit is an excellent gift that inspires an emotional response. This type of gift is applicable for many types of people and will be an item they notice in their vehicle often as they unload groceries or clean the vehicle. Should they ever need small repair or find themselves stranded your gift and business will be the first thought on their minds.

The Glass Runs Over

Branded drink wear is a proper gift for clients or employees. Specialty mugs are commonplace because most office workers drink coffee at their desks and they are easy to have around. But branded drinkware like those found at Go Promotional can have a plethora of variety. From glasses made specifically for alcoholic drinks or large growlers there is certainly a useful yet out of the ordinary option that will be perfectly accepted into people’s lives and homes.

Protection from the Elements

Inclement weather is something that everyone experiences, perhaps even more so depending on the climate. Umbrellas are great as promotional items because of their utility and large display area for branding. They are also likely to be placed in an easily accessible location like inside someone’s car or by the door of someone’s home where they will be seen often. They are also going to be seen by anyone passing by or at work when someone brings the umbrella into their place of business.

Encouraging Longevity of Health

Everyone can be healthier than they happen to be today. Choosing items such as sports equipment or apparel can show that you care for your clients or employees and wish them great health. This will also bring an air of playfulness and maybe even competitive spirit inside and out of the workplace. Obviously, good judgement should be used when distributing gifts but there are many options that can be applicable for even the least athletically inclined individuals without being insensitive. Just by encouraging physical fitness and athletics the energy brought to the workplace will be improved.

Rewarding Hard Work

Lastly, maybe the most deeply impactful gift for an employee is an award. An award can be given to clients as a bit of fun or as a true award for their loyalty. Because of their rarity, awards can be deeply meaningful and might be carried with an employee indefinitely throughout their career even if it’s just a simple gift from boss to employee. There are many justifications for an award to be given, such as an accolade for excellent work or as an incentive or competition reward for work done among employees. Done properly, awards can boost employee productivity and loyalty. Even more, they can elevate the reputation of an employer among potential employees and clients.


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