Businesses realize the importance of social media presence to increase revenue. If you haven’t yet got the chance to spend time to create a compelling presence as a small or medium business, it’s time you did.

A seasoned social media agency can tell you the benefits that accrue through the promotion of your business via social media. Besides establishing your brand online, social media helps you communicate directly and offer better service through interaction. You get to gain the attention of your audience and expand your audience base, thus driving new traffic to your website.

Here are some proven ways to improve your social media presence:

Targeting the Right Networks

Right from the days when Facebook was listed way back in 2012, hundreds and thousands of networks have sprung up, trying to connect like-minded people via the internet.

So, how do you choose the one that suits your business from this overwhelming maze? Anyone running a social media agency will advise you on the merits of the following:

Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 2.6 billion users as of 2020, making it one of the best platforms for promoting your business. FB, as it is often referred to, is a great place to build lasting relationships and a lead generation factory.

Twitter is good for businesses looking for an audience in the under 50 categories. It is excellent for high-priority information, like the most happening thing, important event announcements, and other trending concepts.

Instagram lets you present a visual story, and it is easy to reach over 400 million users who like to say it with images. Instagram is not very cluttered and does not have any character limits like Twitter.

LinkedIn is the place for B2B businesses, though there’s a lot of B2C business being promoted on this platform, of late. It is a great platform to engage audiences and allows you to post unlimited content.

Setting the Perfect Goal

Whether small or medium, you get to reap many benefits by being active on social media. Whether you wish to engage the services of a social media agency or go it alone, it does not matter as long as you set a goal of engaging your customers and offering them the best service.

Social media allows you to generate warm leads and increase your target audience. Besides driving more traffic to your website, you’ll get more conversions and drive sales by gaining beneficial insights and valuable feedback that you can act upon immediately.

To achieve all of the above, you need to have a set goal, and to achieve this goal, you need to adopt a winning strategy. While one technique may be good for achieving sales targets, you’ll need an altogether different one to improve your customer service. What you need or want more is for you to decide.

Develop a Winning Strategy

Without a proper strategy in place, it is challenging to boost your social media presence. Although you have a goal in place, that’s just the first step. It would help if you came up with a suitable plan to achieve that goal.

You need to put together a social media team and define each member’s role and responsibility clearly. Posting time (consider various time zones), frequency, and creating a content calendar are essential if you want to reach your target audience in a particular geography.

Content Suiting your Audience

While content plays a crucial role in your social media presence, any content won’t do. You need first to identify your target audience and then create content matching their interests and needs. In all, the content you share has to be engaging and add to your follower base.

If you are a brewery, your content should talk of interesting brews and beer types and how they are brewed. Similarly, if your business is coffee roasting, you should be talking about baristas and secrets of good brewing and related topics. The crucial details you need to collect about your target audience include age, gender, geographic location, likes, behaviour, etc. Whatever the type of audience you cater to, ensure that the content you create is of exceptional quality as quality content is always highly appreciated.

Choosing the Best Tools for Automating Social Media Posting

Social media posting is a laborious and tedious task. Not to worry, many tools help you automate your social media posting so that they reach your target audience at the right time. Although there are many such tools, here are some of the best:

Buffer is a preferred tool that lets you plan your posting by allowing you to schedule and publish your posts automatically on any of your social media accounts. You can also gain some useful insights through the analytics this tool provides.

Hootsuite is high on the priority list of many social media agencies as it lets you schedule your posting and keep a watchful eye on the competition.

Workflow lets you plan your workflows and share the content at the precise time so that you never miss your target audience.

Summing it Up

Social media offers powerful platforms that businesses can use to improve their social media presence and drive revenues. It is up to you to choose the platform that suits you best and use it to your advantage. The audience is out there for the picking; you need only to adopt a winning strategy to grab their attention.

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