Temporary buildings are quickly gaining popularity in the business sector in the UK. They are used as retail stores, showrooms, logistics warehouses, restaurant shades, garages, farm stores, and more. When you start a business, it is recommended to check if it is viable to use temporary buildings for your space needs because they will save you money and time and provide ample space.

Once you have decided to use these structures for your business in the UK, it is time to make the necessary preparations. Fortunately, the temporary building provider will be there to help you through the entire process. For now, let’s look at the necessary preparations.

Assessment and Planning

Before installing temporary buildings in the UK, you are required to conduct an assessment of your needs and the ground site and then make plans for your structures. Working with an expert like Smart-Space reduces the burden of planning and prevents costly mistakes.

Sometimes, the design and plan might necessitate applying for permissions, especially when making large temporary structures for manufacturing and processing plants, warehouses and showrooms, or other purposes that require significant space.

Permission Application

A British temporary building company will often apply for permission to fabricate and install temporary buildings. But all clients should verify to ensure the right permissions have been acquired. If not, it is wise to ask the company to follow up and obtain the right certification.

Temporary building permissions are necessary for the safety of the structures and those who will use them. It is wise to comply fully.

Preparing the Site

After planning is done, the other crucial preparation is to prepare the ground. This includes levelling it and taking care of other things before installing the structures. Sometimes, the ground preparation might take longer, which is why it is important to plan well.

If the site requires heavy excavation work, it is good to check if any special permissions are needed and make the necessary applications. Allocating enough time to this project is also very important.

Fabrication of Temporary Buildings

As the preparation of the site is continuing, the fabrication of temporary buildings by a professional service provider should be getting started. For customised and bespoke structures, the company will need more time.

On the other hand, only a few preparations are needed for modular temporary buildings. Regardless, professionals take a short time to complete the fabrication process. To view the progress in person, you can request to visit the fabrication plant.


When the site is ready and fabrication has been completed, the professional service provider will transport the temporary buildings to the site. These parts are transported in special vehicles, and they might be insured just in case anything happens to them.

If the service provider does not provide specialised transport, the client might have to look for their own transport. In this case, always consider using professional transporters with specialised vehicles for the job. They will ensure the panels are secure and safe.

Installation of Temporary Buildings

It is best if the installation of temporary buildings in the UK is done by the professionals who fabricated them and also prepared the site. They follow a certain plan to assemble the panels and install them properly. Furthermore, they add all required amenities ensuring that your needs have been met.

Two-storey modular industrial building. Newly built prefabricated building. Prefabricated office container building at construction site

The final process includes verification that all amenities are working, safety assessment, handing over the project, and issuing of the certificates for the structures. When everything has been finished, the payment of any remaining amount can be made.


It is paramount to prepare well before installing temporary buildings in the UK. It saves time and money, as well as ensures safe and functional structures. Now that you know how to go about this, your business can benefit from temporary buildings just as many other British businesses are. 

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