Starting a business with 3D printers is the most sought-after dream of individuals who have a fascination for additive manufacturing techniques. And, why not, this technology is the most revolutionary invention of all time, enabling manufacturers to create unique products carrying huge complexity with ease. Additionally, for those who are interested in starting a business but may not have the time or resources to do it on their own, there are options to “do my homework online” and explore the possibilities of starting a 3D printing business by reading articles.

In addition, one does not need a lot of technical expertise to operate a 3D printer. All these benefits make it simple to start a venture selling 3D printed products. If you are new and would like to start a mini project using your 3D printer, rest assured, because there are a lot of cool things to 3d print.

And, once you have gathered enough confidence, the rest of the journey will become easier. All you have to do is, select the best products that you think will help you make easy money. To help you with some ideas, here are some products that can print to earn profits in a short time.

3D Printed Vases

You will be surprised to know how popular vases are. Almost every house has at least one vase. Either you put it in your living room or on the side table in your bedroom, vases could always change the vibe of the room for good.

It looks awesome and is easily available in the marketplace. If that is so, why 3D print?

Well, the traditional vases are very heavy as well as difficult to make. Also, these are easily breakable. On the contrary, the 3D printed vases are lightweight and are easy to create.

Not just that, you can try complex designs and 3D printers will help you attain the same instantly. Just create the 3D files and let the machines accomplish the job for you. Also, you can offer customers customization of these designs and print on request.

There is a huge business market that you can tap with 3D printed vases.

Bright blue object printed by 3d printer on 3d printer inside.


These days, women not only prefer matching earrings but also ones that are customized to their unique needs. This is why 3D printing is doing so well within the jewellery industry.

That said, you can also try making 3D Printed earrings to make money and grow the idea to a future business. The concept is pretty simple. You can sell online, without needing a physical store.

Just design earrings using your favourite free 3D modeling software, slice them and print them. Let your customers share designs for printing. Or, accept a request for customization to an existing design of yours. This way, you can enjoy a huge fanbase.

Although there are companies that are already doing it, there is no way you cannot. On the contrary, as the demand for 3D printed jewellery is surging, the need for more experts is growing too.

What’s amazing is that these earrings do not have nickel in them. This makes these 3D printed earrings free from causing allergies that many women worry about. Also, these accessories are lighter and very durable.

Above all, it’s cheaper to print earrings. So, you can increase your profit margin exponentially.

3D Printed Fake Nails

When we say fake nails, many of us visualize low-quality designs that rarely stay stuck for long. While the potential market is huge, there isn’t much competition in the niche. Hence, this is the perfect time to get in.

Moreover, if you can create high-quality fake nails that are easy to peel and stick, it will become easier to attract customers. Knowing that these nails are disposable, as well as reusable, there is a huge fan following for these products.

All you need to do is bring 3D printing to prepare unique designs that sell. Just remember, although the profit margin is high for these products, using bad quality material can ruin your reputation.

Flip Flops

While printing shoes is a complex job, making flip flops is completely opposite. It is also one of the most random concepts in the market. Hence, you can stay away from intense competition and progress as a business faster.

In addition, people are always ready to pay extra for comfort. And, these flip flops can offer the same. Who wouldn’t like to get rid of the usual foot pain wearing flip flops that hurt?

These Flip flops when manufactured using traditional methods come in standard sizes and shapes. On the contrary, when 3D printers, these are unique and fit for an individual’s needs.

In short, you can impress a lot of customers by giving them what they have been craving for a long time, a comfortable flip flop.

The Conclusion

If you are looking for an idea for 3D printing products that can make money, the above recommendations will surely help. However, make sure to research any niche that you choose to go with. And, start a business that soon becomes a valuable brand. 3D printing will definitely help you attain that dream.

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