For certain construction projects in Massachusetts, you must need a Construction Supervisor to ensure that builders got all the necessary permits to start their construction. The Construction Supervisor helps with getting all required government-issued permits. But they cannot work without a proper license. 

In detail, You cannot construct an unpermitted project; also, you cannot supervise the permitted construction without a Construction Supervisor license. Only a Licensed Construction Supervisor (LCS) can work. In this blog, you can find all the information you need to know about getting LCS and its Renewal.


LCS: Licensed Construction Supervisor is someone who will supervise contractors, field staff, and overall construction activity. LCS also plans, supervises, and submits their overall report to the construction manager.

Type of Licenses:

Before applying for a license, determine which type of license you are applying for. There are three types of LCS:

  1. Unrestricted License: With this license, you are limited to construct a project that is 35,000 sq. ft or less than it.
  2. Restricted License: With this license, you can supervise the construction of one to two homes.
  3. Specialty License: This license is more specific; your work is limited to the projects you are allowed to do. This includes home improvement contractor, Electrical Contractor, plumbing, and abatement contractor. 

How to get a License : 

To get the license, one should have the follow these steps :

  • Your age must be 18 years or above.
  • You should have verified 3 years of experience in building design or building construction.
  • You should apply for the exam to get a license. These exams will be conducted by Prometric.
  • You should clear the exam.
  • After clearing, mail your report to the Board of Building Regulations and Standards.

License Validity :

All license holder must renew their license before the expiration date else obtaining a building contract gets interrupted. You are supposed to renew your license once every two years. For renewal, within the license validity period, which is 2 years, all supervisors should take continuing education credits (CEU), which is mandatory. CEU depends on the type of your license.

  • Specialty License holder – 6 CEU hours.
  • Restricted License holder – 10 CEU hours.
  • Unrestricted License holder – 12 CEU hours.

All three have different continuing education credits; below, you can find detail about Unrestricted License continuing education in detail.

Unrestricted License renewal :

Construction Supervisors with Unrestricted Licenses should complete a 12-hour MA CSL course as their continuing education. This is one of the approved courses by the Massachusetts Board of Building Regulation and standard. This 12 hours continuing education license includes,

  1. Code Review – 4 hours
  2. Workplace Safety – 1 hour
  3. Business Practice – 1 hour
  4. Lead safe practice – 1 hour.

After finishing your continuing education, you have to submit the proof of your course completion for renewal, and you have to pay a fee of $100 to $200, depending on your license expiration. These can be done online.

Conclusion :

In simple, as a Construction Supervisor, first, you should get your license. Once you become a Licensed Construction Supervisor, you should renew it once in 2 years. Getting your license renewed should not be a complicated process. If you are a Supervisor with an Unrestricted License, you should choose a good 12-hour MA CSL course that makes the process easy.

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