If you’re reading this you’re either struggling to make it by with the limited job opportunities there are around us at the moment, or you just want to gather a little bit of extra money cause you want to save up and buy some new car or house. Well, it’s not as easy as one might think. These side hustles either require a lot of work, or come with a certain level of risk. You might want to think twice before trying any of these tactics, however, for sure, it can pay off, if you do it right, or in some cases, if you’re lucky enough.

There’s a never ending list of things one can do to earn a little money on the side, without it being too time consuming, so that you can still have enough time for your main job or priorities. Here’s a small list of side hustles that can be very lucrative, and could take you that one step forward financially.

Translation Services

Nowadays, many of us are capable of speaking more than one language. Translation services however are necessary almost in any country on the planet, as tourism never stops. You might not believe the amount of money one can make working simply as a translator, both online and in person, you can find jobs that do not require much effort or experience to get in, but can make you a solid side-income, just through being able to speak more than one language and translating texts or speeches.

The Lottery

Starting off easy, here’s an opportunity to make a huge amount of money. Everyone talks about the lottery and almost everyone has tried it. Sure, it’s not the most preferred way of making money, and your chances of making money off the lottery are slimmer than the chances of being struck by a bolt of lightning, but tickets cost barely anything and you still have a chance of taking in a massive jackpot that could potentially change your life. If you think you might be lucky enough to win an abundance of money through a simple lottery ticket, you might want to see some smart tips for jackpot winners first.

Market your art

Are you by any chance an artist of some sort? Do you play the guitar? Or are you a painter? Even if you’re a book writer or any kind of artist whatsoever, and you have put years of dedication into a particular art in which you find passion, you’re guaranteed it’s going to appeal to a number of people. This means you can build yourself a little business through marketing your art works, whether you want to stream your music on soundcloud, sell your paintings on ebay, produce your writing into thousands of books, or anything you can possibly imagine. Art is very underestimated these days, and you can make a lot of money out of it.

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