Those typical 9 to 5 jobs are a bliss when you need a steady flow of income in the house, but have you ever thought of starting your own venture? Imagine a life without 9 to 5 constraints, where you can do what you love and make money out of it.

2020 has been the year of embracing bizarre anomalies. So what, if you’re short on ideas of starting your own venture? We have an abundance of ideas that can help you start an online venture and generate revenue from it. All we expect you to do right now is continue reading.

Online Ventures You Can Start Right Away

Write a Book and then publish it on Amazon

If you know your way around words and your storytelling skills are pretty over-the-top as well, then write a book and publish it on Amazon. Though, there are a few guidelines regarding publishing on Amazon that you must acquaint yourself with first. Once you’re done publishing, you can sell your e-book to thousands of Kindle-owners and just like that, you’ll start a generating revenue. It wont be steady in the beginning, but once you are established, it will be.

Start a Vlog on YouTube

Videos are becoming increasingly popular and in the coming years, our guess is that this trend is here to stay. You can start your own vlog on YouTube and repurpose snippets of your vlog by publishing them on Snapchat and Instagram. To upload videos without any glitch, you will need a reliable internet connection such as Mediacom Internet to keep things running swiftly.

Acquaint Yourself with Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising has taken over the realm of digital marketing by the storm. As a matter of fact, 92% of marketers use Facebook for advertising. Make sure to keep yourself well aware of all the ins and outs of Facebook advertising, so you can offer your services to small and even big businesses, operating locally or internationally.

Become a Skype Coach

If you have a skill of talking people towards positivity, then it’s about time you put your Skype to a good use. Find your forte and help others get through the hurdles in life by giving them sessions over Skype. You can teach a group of average home-cooks the basics of better home cooking or you can give pep talk to a demotivated entrepreneur – the possibilities are just endless.

Start your own Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to generate revenue. Start your own podcast, make it grow, attract sponsors, sell their products while talking about the usual on your podcast and make money off it. Simple.

All in All

Starting your own venture will allow you to live that stress-free life, which you’ve always dreamt of. You can be your own boss and there won’t be any hassle of meeting with tight deadlines every day.

The list we’ve shared above is not exhaustive. If there’s something new in your head that you think can make a great online venture, then don’t waste any time and go ahead with it. Things will take time in the beginning, but the outcome will be worth it!


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