Regarding PMP certification, you might be wondering whether it would be the right choice. You should also consider whether it would add value to your career. But let us break it to you. A PMP certification boot camp online is worth it.

It is primarily because the PMI Project Management salary survey suggests that certified managers receive a 16% higher salary. And unlike non-certified professionals, certified project managers receive at least 385% ROI with PMP.

There are a plethora of benefits associated with PMP certification. However, the most important one is that certified professionals earn more than non-certified ones. But that’s only half of the story, including preparation costs and the PMP exam.

So, you must go through this article to analyze all other aspects and PMP’s worthiness. Also, while you dig deeper, you will learn the top reasons for choosing a PMP certification boot camp in 2022.

Let’s get started.

What is PMP Certification?

Firstly, PMP is regarded as the most sought-after and reputed project management certification. While the PMP certificate is globally recognized, there are millions of professionals spread across the world. This certification is awarded to those proficient project managers who pass the PMP certification exam with flying colors.

Even though this exam is one of the most challenging, highly skilled professionals can get through it. It tests all the concepts that are related to project management. A PMP certificate speaks for the project managers. It demonstrates their skill, knowledge, and expertise in managing projects.

Thus, project managers across all industries can efficiently enroll for this certification.

Reasons to choose online PMP Certification Bootcamp

An online PMP bootcamp covers all the areas required for the PMP examination. This online certification course doesn’t only help in saving time and energy. It also gives you a golden opportunity to focus on the details required to excel. Also, the professionals interact with like-minded individuals preparing for the same.

Some of the most commendable reasons for choosing PMP certifications online bootcamps are as follows:

●      Fully simulated exams

This plays a pivotal role in the entire online bootcamp of PMP certification. The full-length simulated exams enable candidates and teachers to analyze the examinee’s position. This also helps in determining the exact place where the professional requires better focus. Most importantly, these are practice exams, so it enables reducing the anxiety of the candidates.

●      Study plan-based learning

It’s true that both traditional and online bootcamps solely focus on innovative result-oriented study. But the online bootcamp has specifically been tailored to suit your requirements. Besides, This approach deliberately establishes a holistic program that offers a holistic understanding of PMP certification training.

●      In-depth training along with workbooks

The PMP certification course comprises an important tool – the PMBOK book. The online PMP boot camp offers in-depth training; thus, you can easily become familiar with all the tool details. Also, it’s imperative to remember the names of processes, process groups, and all other knowledge areas.

●      Interactive sessions in association with industry experts

The trainer of the online PMP bootcamp is usually an industry expert. Thus, they are well-versed in the experience of all other industry experts. Also, it’s very likely that these experts are a part of various forums or associated with the local PMI Chapter. So, when you enroll in this online bootcamp, you stand a chance of soaking up the wisdom of the experts.

●      Remarkable emphasis on improving business skills and active learning

Communication plays a pivotal role for all project managers. However, certain other business skills are equally important, especially for those who are PMP aspirants. Active learning is an excellent way that will take you forward.

When you enroll yourself in the online bootcamp, you will learn new techniques for managing people and handling difficult employees. On the other hand, you will also become efficient while dealing with sudden changes in plans. Furthermore, you will obtain a greater insight into stakeholder management.

Who is eligible for PMP certification?

If you think PMP certification is for all, then you’re probably guessing it wrong. The PMP certification is typically for the following professionals:

  • Project Coordinators
  • Mid-Level, Senior Project Managers
  • Project Leaders
  • Project Analysts
  • Program Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Project Sponsors
  • Professionals are interested in building project management skills, etc.

Should you consider getting a PMP Certification?

You won’t believe it, but PMP certification is worthwhile. As per the PMI statistics, a certified PMP can expect a 20% increase in their pay. Most importantly, this certification provides a magnificent return on investment.

Project management concept in word tag cloud

However, the cost of the certification can be extremely daunting. But the rewards you get in return are worthwhile, especially in the long run. So, if you are keen on pursuing the project management stream, you must enroll today. This certification is appropriate for those project managers who plan to specialize in traditional plan-driven project management.

If unsure, you can check out this embedded YouTube video offered by Simplilearn:

To conclude

Indeed, the project management industry has extensively focused on meetings, projects, and tasks for years. But within the last two decades, technology has undergone rapid advancement. Information technology has also moved from a peripheral business to almost the whole heart.

Thus, project management methods have changed tremendously only to pace up with innovation. On the other hand, the value and importance of PMP certification have also grown in the last two decades. It’s evident because hundreds and thousands of candidates take the exam annually.

If you are willing to pursue this certification course, you should think no longer. Start preparing and enroll yourself today! If you are looking for any additional information or guidance regarding PMP certification Bootcamp, contact us at 1800-212-7688.

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