The work of a dentist is currently facing stiff competition. Therefore, it is important to consider working on your SEO to help attract as many patients as possible. 

If you ever note that your website is not attracting good followers, you need to work on things that you might be missing. You have to focus on your local clients alone, who will bring your business. Therefore, you are required to develop a local SEO strategy that may help you attract more patients to your office.

According to statistics, 97% of consumers today use internet searches to learn about various local businesses. Gone are those days people used Yellowbook, so having the site at the top of the Google Search Engine Result Pages makes your local customers turn up in large numbers. 

The dental industry is very competitive, and the competitors are guaranteed to be working towards top rankings. The local SEO for dentists must be designed in a way it is able to attract as many people as possible.

SEO’s main purpose is to boost your site’s visibility in the online search results related to your practice. While the traditional SEO works on increasing your site’s visibility on a wider scale, the local search engine optimization will focus on increasing your site’s ranking to attract nearby patients to your company.

Your company’s visibility in the Search Engine Results Page will depend on Google algorithms. These algorithms contain more than 200 ranking factors, most of which have not been disclosed by Google. Before we get overwhelmed, it is always good to consider the following factors to start your dental SEO.

Google itself has been able to prioritize rankings in terms of quality, relevance, and usability. This means your focus should be to generate quality content that matches your user’s search intent.

Importance of Local SEO for Dentists

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Localizing SEO will let your clinic take advantage of the increased visibility in your area. This is important because after searching keenly for various local businesses on Google, around 72% of customers will be able to visit a store within five miles of their preferred location. That translates to a lot of traffic for your website and your physical location as well. Find dental marketing experts to assist with getting your share of this traffic.  

With little or no competition for ranking due to the geographical criteria, the local results can make your SEO more effective, which makes it an ideal strategy for the dentists.

Optimizing Your Content

The process of searching for the best local keywords is very important. It is as simple as entering them in Google’s search bar. It would be best if you worked on keywords that may improve your visibility and those which can start your content strategy and keyword search.

Building out Your Google My Business Page

You will need to create a Google My Business page listing, which puts your dentist business on Google’s radar as a renowned local business. In the listing, you will be able to show up Google Maps and Google Search after you have included the address, name, and then phone number.

The listing will be fully-optimized once you can fill out all the needed information. You should have the name, address, a local number, hour’s category, website, and a good description. 

This information will make you appear more relevant to your patients. Remember that Google will not show you if you don’t include all the information. You should make sure you can add all the local keywords in your site. The secret here is to be very careful and cautious while adding this information.


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