How to register your brokerage

Some brokers may decide to take a different approach and register their company as a shell company so that they can use a third-party provider that is able to open a front-end bank account that allows them to access the latest currency transfers and different currency exchange tools. However, not every broker will want to do this and they may want to open an account on their own without the need for a third-party provider and this is a good option. 

What is a front-end bank account?

 A front-end bank account is a bank account where you can get the latest currency transfers and currency exchange tools like net banking, a customer account with a personal cheque book for each customer, transfers and payment instructions.

What trading instruments you can offer

Open a brokerage that provides options trading instruments, Forex pairs, Forex contracts and foreign exchange pairs for your clients. You can also include other services such as trade and risk management in your brokerage service such as the option to price limit your trading volumes, program trading with IPOs and also developing an existing FX trading platform to use your brokerage to interface with. You will want to tailor your offering to meet the demands of your customer base. Different regions are looking for different instruments and market structures. The basic rule to follow is the demand in your area with other regions looking for different instruments.

What is a white label forex brokerage?

A white label brokerage is a company that creates a brokerage platform for another company and then uses their own name and branding to create a reference and branding on the brokerage platform. A white label brokerage can be used to simply sell customers its own forex brokers platform or as a start-up platform for a Forex broker in particular. White labeling is important because it gives you the chance to attract customers from your own name.

How to open your brokerage from scratch

The first step is to contact the relevant authorities in the country you will be opening your brokerage in, as well as the legal firm that will represent you in the country. Depending on the individual legal requirements of your jurisdiction, some of the key details you need to address with the authorities and legal firm is where you are legally based, your individual taxation status, your identity verification and any criminal convictions you might have. A bank may also need to approve you to become a Broker, as well as an understanding of your entity and how to establish your company in the country you will be operating in. It’s a good idea to find out what sort of setup it is going to take to open your business in the first instance to help you along the way.

How to open your brokerage with a white label

In this case, you will not be getting the licensing for your own business name, but you will be given a white label scheme which can be used by other brokers as a “nameplate” to place over their own “nameplate”. You will need to contact a licensing company that has a simple account processing system where you can register your own nameplate and license to place on other companies account processing system. If you have questions about registering account processing system, there are online guides that can assist you. That account processing system is the key to being a successful Forex broker. After registering the nameplate on the online account processing system, you will then be able to use the white label solution and charge trading fees.


You must remember that it is not just easy to start a Forex broker’s business, but actually quite challenging and a lot of effort will be required. Therefore, you need to put in a lot of hard work, dedication, persistence, determination, perseverance and most of all faith in your business’s ability to provide you and your clients a good return on investment. Of course, it is important to first research and find out how to start a Forex brokerage. Then, you need to decide the business model you want to run. You need to study your competition and take a keen look at their profit margins and review their plans for the future. And last but not least, you will also need to find a way to attract a regular flow of clients, so that your business can survive. Read more on fxtm review.  

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