If you love cooking and are a fan of entertaining people with tongue tantalizing meals, catering is the thing for you. Although starting a catering service is not an easy task, neither is it cheap. It demands that you have a well-equipped and law compliant restaurant. The rent paid to a brick and motor restaurant is very high, and the cost of complying with the regulations can be discouraging.

The good news is, commercial kitchens offer a solution. They ensure you can start working on your dream immediately. They offer most of the required equipment and have the licensing sorted before you can start utilising them. Below is a guide on how to start a catering service by renting a commercial kitchen.

What are your Needs?

Whenever you are about to rent a commissary for your food business, you must understand what you need. Some things to consider include;

Equipment Needed and Equipment Offered

Your food business is wholly dependent on whether you can prepare the meals. Thus, the right equipment should be your number one priority. While some commercial kitchens may offer the equipment, others will include some of the equipment, and others do not offer any at all. It is essential to grasp your equipment needs.

Check on the state and capacity of the equipment. You will be producing at a commercial rate, meaning you will require bigger industrial equipment and not the normal household appliances. Identify what you will find pre-installed and what you will bring. Especially if you are dealing with specialty meals.

Estimated Produce

When renting a commissary, you must know at what capacity you will be producing. It will affect the size of the equipment and the quantity of labour you will want. The two directly affect the size of the kitchen you will need. It will assist you to save on the charge by taking a space that perfectly fits you. Particularly if you are starting.


Your business spot will influence your image and reputation. The neighbourhood will determine who you draw, how your goods and stock arrives and from whom and how fast you can deliver. Figure out who are your target consumers and how you will wish your business known. It will aid you in finding not only the perfect kitchen but also the ideal location. [Do a quick research and study to establish your company with high food traffic and is feasible for all types of marketing. It is also an innovative way to use restaurant delivery software from datadreamers.com when offering your menu online or on social media platforms

Types of Commercial Kitchens

Once you have figured out your business requirements, you will come across different commercial kitchens. They operate differently, and you must be careful to pick the right one. They include;

  1. Shared Commercial kitchen: This type of kitchen is shared among different caterers. It works best for small businesses with a smaller customer base. The caterers pay rent together and allocate space among them at different times. It is more economical as it enables you to pay for the time you require to make your meals alone. They are most suitable for pop-up restaurants, delivery services and food trucks.
  2. Private Commercial Kitchen: The difference between this type of kitchen and the shared commercial kitchen is that it is let to one renter. The full area and storage is their own and does not have to share. It is ideal for caterers dealing with speciality food, serve a huge audience, or control several pop-up restaurants and food trucks. They are also expensive as you pay for the rent alone.
  3. Restraurant Kitchen: You could also opt to contract the kitchen of an existing restaurant on their off times. With knowledge of when they need the kitchen, you can slot yourself to avoid a collision. While they are more affordable than private kitchens, they may not provide the equipment you need.
  4. Non-Traditional Commissaries: Different institutions like schools, churches and community centres operate kitchens that follow regulations. During off-hours, they are let out to caterers. They cost less and provide commercial-scale equipment. They are also not that fancy and are difficult to get.

Commercial kitchens are perfect if you are limited financially or want to taste the catering business before going in fully. They offer various benefits while allowing you to enjoy what you love doing. If you want to rent a kitchen, Occupyd offers different types of commissaries in different locations. Have a successful catering service.

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