In many companies, employees have been working from home for quite a while. In some companies people still visit the office occasionally, in other companies the office hasn’t had any visitors and looks exactly the same as a few months ago. If this is the case, it might be fun to redecorate the place a bit! This will be a lovely surprise when everyone eventually goes back to the office. In this article, we’ll gladly give you some ideas. 

Make a “best of”-wall

Every company has moments that get brought up time and time again. “Remember that time we closed that big contract?” or “Remember Josh’s goodbye party?” might be part of your company by now. If you have a spare wall, you can hang up some fun photos of these memories. This will make the office feel more like a fun place. Furthermore, it’s just fun for all employees to see lovely photos of good memories! 

Surprise everyone with an ergonomic office chair

There’s a big chance that some of your employees have been working on a kitchen chair for months.  If they come back to the office and see everyone got a new, ergonomic chair, they’ll probably be really happy. Are your current office chairs a bit old? Then you know what to do! 

Put a jacuzzi outside

Do you want to go a bit crazy? Then you can make sure your Friday night drinks become legendary once everything is back to normal. For instance, you can do this by putting a jacuzzi outside, if you have a garden or a balcony. You can choose a fancy model, think of a Bestway jacuzzi or choose the slightly cheaper option that is an inflatable jacuzzi. Take a look at Lay-Z Spa’s; they have the best inflatable ones! 

How will you redecorate your office?

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