If you own a business, sell products, or frequent trade shows, you understand how important it is to promote your products or services to a prospective audience. The need to showcase what you offer to consumers is a major part of successfully expanding your market and making more revenue. Even the best product can be ignored if there’s a lack of marketing and promotion around it. It’s not enough to promote it. You need to get creative as people’s interests and marketing tactics get creative. Being able to engage with your audience is a skill that can be easily learned.


Some of the most popular brands and products are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to selling people on why they should own something. You’re no exception, and creativity has no limit. Using everything at your disposal to promote your business is a long-term investment that has the potential to enhance your image as well. Your products are an extension of your business, and that’s an extension of you, so it pays to be aware of what your brand is. Using this advice, you can find out how you can creatively promote yourself and your products.

Customizable Face Masks


Being creative often means being ready to jump on to trends. Not every trend is worth it, but the importance of being relevant sometimes means taking a little risk on what will and won’t stick. For now, it seems like masks are here to stay, and they offer more than just protection against viruses and bacteria. People have been touting their own homemade or custom masks, and people are starting to recognize the value that this holds. Like a name brand shirt with a massive logo, you can turn someone into a walking billboard with ease. Face masks are just the next evolution of this trend.


The beauty of face masks is that they are cheap to produce, but have the potential for good profits. Using dye sublimation printing techniques, https://www.justvisionit.com/ can create custom designs that might be your brand logo, allowing people to see it whenever you or someone else wears one. This isn’t a new technique – using people as advertisements, but using face masks makes it topical and stylish, and nothing beats the psychological desire to do something in-season. You can even give out masks with product sales to promote safety, and it gives you even more free advertising with people walking around showing off your brand for you in tons of public spaces.


Guerilla Marketing


Traditional advertising is the use of billboards, signs, bus stop ads, radio and TV spots, and similar material. These are excellent choices for advertising a product and are still one of the leading ways to promote services, but smaller businesses or manufacturers of products have a hard time competing for ad space because it can end up costing them a lot in the long run. There’s a solution that some people have figured out, and it comes at a relatively low to no cost – guerilla marketing. You may not have heard of this term, but it is, in essence, similar to guerilla warfare.


Using non-conventional means to promote a product is a great way to drum up controversy, which is a staple of guerilla marketing. It relies on a high degree of creativity. Doing a live skit using your product, making fake videos, driving around in a van with a speaker, street art, doing an impromptu giveaway, etc. are just a small sliver of the unique ways you can use this marketing tactic to your advantage while remaining budget-friendly. When it comes to marketing, it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With the right thinking and creative ideas, you can share your brand or products and wow people in a way they won’t forget.


Bolstering Your Social Media Presence


Social media is now one of the most used forms of communication in the world. With billions of people using these platforms, the potential has been unleashed for marketing and promotion agencies, brands, and products. In 2020, if you’re not using social media for your brand, you’re doing it wrong. It’s as simple as that, but it’s never too late to get into the game, thankfully. Many businesses or promoters still think that Facebook is the king of the hill, and while they boast the largest userbase, it’s more complicated than that. Emerging platforms are revealing how your content can be diversified beyond posts and ad space.


Using video content to make a viral meme, creating a web series or vlog, or doing daily giveaways on social media are ways to experiment and see what does and doesn’t work for your brand. The point is that the only limit to what you can do is how creative you are, which makes social media a good digital successor to guerilla marketing because they go hand in hand. Using social media to curate a campaign is also good, and gives people an attachment to your products because they feel they are a part of a series and want to keep up with it. All it takes is one or two clicks, and the ball can get rolling for you.


Personifying Your Brand


You already know what a brand mascot is. You see them everywhere; Ronald McDonald, Toucan Sam, The Energizer Bunny, etc. but what people don’t realize is that they can just as easily create a personified brand. The idea behind this is that it creates something recognizable to attach to a product, which helps make better associations. Almost all the fundamental aspects of marketing involve the use of psychology. It can be beneficial to anyone who needs to create better brand awareness, and creating a branded mascot or character is something you can easily do.


You don’t need to create some incredibly intricate things like those major brands listed. They have an unlimited budget and resources to achieve these things and have the manpower to dedicate marketing toward this. Smaller brands can create effective mascot branding if they are aware of their demographics. The most important is to create a mascot or brand character that, in some way, represents what product you’re selling. Energizer Bunny works for batteries because rabbits are high-energy like electricity. If you were selling a line of sunglasses, you probably wouldn’t use an animal because it likely wouldn’t make sense. Balancing demographics and product awareness is what allows the creation of this marketing technique to shine through.

Exclusivity as a Marketing Tool


Being exclusive appeals to our desire to be included in something special. This works for marketing and promoting products and brands just as well. When someone is a part of a special giveaway or customer loyalty program, it makes people jealous. The plain and simple truth is that using people’s emotions and desires is the heart of any creative marketing plan and marketing as a whole (once again, psychological factors). When something feels like it’s really hard to get, it makes people want it that much more. The heart of all marketing is, as mentioned, the use of emotion to drive a sale, and exclusivity is a powerful use that can be implemented creatively to no end.


Exclusivity can be as simple as making a limited run of an item that’s similar to an existing product you offer, but it has distinct features that make it special compared to the regular. Or, it can be as sneaky as listing an item as limited to drum up hype for it. Likewise, giveaways are an easy way to promote the product while keeping it exclusive. Exclusivity is an age-old tactic that heavily relies on customers acting on impulse rather than logic, because they feel they will miss out on the item entirely if they hesitate. You can even run an ad campaign that touts a secret product that’s only revealed for certain members or customers, which uses secrecy and anticipation to make people desire it that much more.


Marketing your brand and your products is easy enough when you know what you’re doing. There are plenty of resources available online to help with this aspect of the business, but what sets good marketing above the rest is creativity and ingenuity. Anyone can pay for some ad space, but it’s what you do with your ad space, or lack thereof, that makes your product appear special. The tricks and techniques here show how valuable some creativity is when you want to be a cut above the rest.


From topical trends used for your branding purposes, to guerilla marketing in fun ways, to the psychological aspects that go into making a name for yourself, there’s no shortage of ways to be a better marketer. With these creative options, you should be able to draw in attention and attract new and returning customers with your unique ideas.


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