You don’t get roses without good manure, and that applies to business as well. While the world is in quarantine you can be actively deepening your relationships with your clients through social media and content marketing.

Revenue generation winners and losers

Not all businesses can generate revenue just now. Most of the leisure sector from bars to yacht charter companies are in suspension even while certain online retail businesses (fashion being a major exception) are having boom times they couldn’t dream about before.

What about you? Whether or not you are in suspension thanks to your line of business you can be doing something positive – you can be reaching out to new customers and deepening your relationships with existing ones.

Reaching out

How to promote your business during quarantine? For online marketing it should be business as usual. You should be thinking along the lines of your content marketing business, using influencers or contacting a product review blogger to promote your business and to keep your social media campaigns going.

These three elements can make a big difference in the medium term. For a start many businesses in those sectors in suspension aren’t thinking along those lines so your voice will be louder than it was when the sector was at full screech before quarantine. That means you can have a far higher profile over those who perhaps had bigger marketing budgets or had a higher search ranking than you in the world before the pandemic.

Could you overtake your rivals with natural rankings? That could save on pay per click and sponsored social media budgets in the long term.

New content

In a world where many live in fear and isolation, sometimes thinking of a return to normality can be the thing they need to eke their way out of the gloom. What could you write in your blogs that can help your existing and potential customer base think of that brighter future?

In writing about a better future thanks to your company or product so you can get people to consider your business as a potential leader towards making that future. Sell holidays? There will be a mini-boom in that sector as people the world over are finally allowed out of quarantine! What other things could you offer to switch people on?

Another important type of content marketing is product review blogs on third party sites. Yes, backlinks! These are important for the search engines as it improves your natural rankings. The higher domain authority (DA) you can get in a backlink the better it is for you in the medium term.

Social media – a two way conversation

Good social media use is a two way conversation. This could mean some cheery questions as to how people who follow you are feeling, or something positive toward the essential workers who are working hard at some risk to their own lives to get us out of this mess. In engaging positively with your client base so you are maintaining your presence and when the lockdown restrictions around the world ease, so people will remember you first.

Focus on the future!

The now for many is a dark and scary place. For you as a business and for your customers, focusing on the future can be a positive contribution that will help those who make your business tick now, and them help you when restrictions are eased and the world returns to normal.

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