Do you want to become a writer and cover your living expenses through it? You don’t like to use essay writing services anymore to write anything?


I can consider myself a professional writer because I’m running my life with it. If you are interested in online writing, you need to be very good at writing. It’s true that you can start out as a freelancer with no experience, but you need to improve your writing skills.


I’m not a great writer, but I know how to write consistently and effectively for blogs to engage their audience. Here are some hot tips that can help you become a better writer.

Write Every Day


One of the best tips to become a better writer is to write every day. You’re probably wondering what to write about. You can write about anything! I write for a variety of blogs, each with a different theme. Writing on a variety of topics can help you improve your writing skills and gain more writing experience for your online audience.


Another way to write every day is to post on social media. If you have a profile on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, try to post at least once each day and write two or three sentences for each.

Draw Up an Outline


One of the best ways to improve your writing skills is to create an outline of your thoughts before you write to write. Clients want consistent and complete content, so creating an outline will make you sure that you have included everything they need. It’s a good idea to think about what you want to write first and then identify the sub-topics.


For more information on writing a good outline, you can consult with those who write for professional essay writing services.

Read about what you want to write


Reading can also help you improve your writing skills. It is one of the best habits you can have to become a good writer. For example, when you read something on the Internet, take notes on the style of writing as well as the way the author expresses their opinions. You’ll also learn how authors use words and put sentences together to make an essay online.

Use Simple Words


You might think that if you use complex words, you would look cultured, but it’s not true. You should not write a blog post like your scientific paper or dissertation. This won’t help you gain more blog traffic. It’s best to get rid of those complicated words and use simpler, yet more meaningful words. Your writing can be almost like the way you speak, but without much use of slang.

Convey Your Message Easily


Clients are interested in smart writing that is engaging and conveys their message well. As a writing tip, you should know how to easily convey your client’s message in your writing. That doesn’t mean using too many words to describe things.


Sometimes, I’ve been wordy in writing, but I’ve tried to make up for it by avoiding complicated sentences. That’s why you need to prepare a preliminary draft first. You should transform the first draft into an article that you’ll give to your client. This process may involve deleting the entire paragraph or changing the idea.

Avoid Using Filler Words


They are short, meaningless words, like that, just, very, really, etc., that we use to fill in short pauses while we think about what else to say. You don’t need to include such words in your sentences, especially when you write for academic purposes.


I have tried hard to avoid using these extra words in my writing, however, I am still editing my work to remove all of them.

Keep Your Sentences and Paragraphs Short


This makes it easier for the reader to read the content. If you want to be a freelance writer and write for online writing services, write shorter sentences and paragraphs. Online users usually don’t spend their time reading long sentences and paragraphs, so write as short as possible. Use a character counter online tool that can help you determine and calculate the number of characters, words, lines, and paragraphs you used in a text.

Use Online Editing Tools


If you want your writing to be proofread and edited by a third party, I suggest using those online essay services that provide you with cheap writing services.


I personally use Grammarly to edit all my work online, from blog writing to social media posts.


You may think that a proofreader, such as your spouse or friend, is enough to edit your work, but I strongly urge you to use one of these editing tools first.

Just Write


The first step in improving writing skills is writing a lot. Don’t try to edit as you write; instead, let your stream of consciousness flow freely. After creating an outline, it’s much easier to write it all.


Since I post on Instagram every day, I’m used to writing a lot and I get better at it every day.

Bottom Line


If you’re an aspiring freelance writer and get paid for what you do, you should strive to improve your skills. In addition to attending classes and using online tools, the best way to improve your writing is by putting pen to paper and writing down your thoughts.



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