A software engineer is a person who designs computer software through mathematical analysis. These engineers can develop several types of software such as games and applications.

Programming is getting more critical in the modern world and not only to IT professionals. As a result, several IT languages and professionals in Asia are constantly reskilling themselves to remain productive in contemporary society.

Python has distinct pieces of code that make sure implementation is efficient and easy to learn. These specialists will ask for skills like data science, processing language, programming language, among others.

Huxley is an enrolment agency situated in Singapore, but it has global recognition. Their headquarters are found in the United Kingdom, and they have a well-trained team that specialises in the local market in the world’s top tech markets. You will be enlightened on how to hire software engineers in Singapore once you finish this article.

Huxley plays the following roles in permanent positions;

  • Mobile App Developer
  • Go Engineer
  • Backend Developer
  • Node JS Developer
  • Python Developer.
  1. Trading Systems Developer

This is a US-based Crypto fund that is looking for an open-minded developer to join their team. They work under the APAC, a company that began in Singapore. This company works closely with its CTO to create software solutions that take advantage of the data points in the market and make transactions smooth and flexible.

Their payment entails a base and a bonus that depends on the fund’s performance. Feel free to refer to the H1 target to know this years’ dividends. You will work from Singapore in the first few days, but you can work from a country with the same time zone after you become more familiar.

The requirements for this job include;

  • 6-10 years of experience in known systems; please note they accept non-financial candidates
  • Must have excellent skills with C++ and Python

It would be great if you had the following attributes;

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good contract experience with Solidity
  • Be good in Chinese

Candidates that are good in algorithms and optimisation are more likely to land these gigs. Feel free to apply but remember it is only available for people in Singapore.

  1. DevOps Engineer

You should have the following skills before applying for this job;

  • Excellent skills on Linux. You must also be good at using Python and other coding languages
  • Be good at installing web servers and compliant containers
  • Have excellent knowledge of software provisioning and other deployments
  • Be experienced in DevOps tools
  • You should know the application and be a pro at OpenShift
  • The ability to study and solve challenging infrastructure tasks and any application issues
  • Be well experienced in essential monitoring tools
  • It would help if you used the provided scripts to increase your daily efficiency


A software engineer is a person who develops software, no matter the kind. These developers can create programs such as PowerPoint and web applications such as Facebook. In addition, software engineers work in teams to create programs, games among other things.

The above article has information for everybody looking for a software engineering job and the requirements wanted for each post. However, it would help if you were a Singapore resident before you apply.

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