Looking to promote your business and earn money on Instagram? All you need to do is to design an effective Instagram ads funnel. Instagram ads funnel helps to attract the target audience, generate leads, and increase conversion rates for your business. Thus helping you gain a wider reach. 

Unlike promotional ads, the Instagram ads funnel focuses on the customer’s journey right from being attracted to purchasing the product. It is a brilliant marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and promote your products online. Moreover, it helps you get popular on Instagram

However, creating a powerful Instagram ads funnel is difficult and requires a lot of configurations and mapping. Therefore, we have curated a list of the four most effective steps to create a cost-effective Instagram ads funnel. 

Set a Marketing Objective 

Every Instagram ads funnel has three distinct sections that are crucial for building a smooth customer journey. Therefore, it is essential to set a marketing objective for each section to gain a wider reach.

Top of the Funnel 

The top of the funnel helps in grabbing the attention of the audience. Here, your audience can also interact with the brand. Usually, your Instagram posts from the top of the ads funnels. All interactions are carried out through comments, likes, and shares on the Instagram profile. 

The best marketing objectives for the top of the funnel include brand awareness, gaining wider reach, videos views, traffic, and engagement on Instagram. These objectives determine what action you want your audience to take after they view your Instagram ad. Therefore, create attractive and engaging video ads to tell a story about your brand. This will add value to your audience and help them connect with your brand better. 

Middle of the Funnel 

The primary aim of the middle of the funnel is to generate leads, drive traffic to your website, increase conversions and provide support. You can encourage your audience to sign up and share their email addresses where you can send exclusive deals and information about upcoming products. Thus converting them into potential leads. 

When you offer them discounts and the best deals on popular products, the leads then convert into potential buyers. This helps in increasing your conversion rate. Through email marketing, you can re-target your audience and upscale your business. 

The supporting objective acts as a chabot that answers all the questions and encourages your customers to stay connected. 

Bottom of the Funnel 

The bottom of the funnel is the most crucial stage of an ads funnel. It is the decision-making phase where your potential lead converts into a paying customer. The objective of this section is to offer irresistible and time-sensitive offers to encourage your leads to take action. 

For example, catalog sales help to sell a collection of products at one time and the conversion action such as ‘Add to Cart ‘or ‘Checkout’ encourages the customer to take quick action. 

Target Your Audience 

Targeting the right audience is the key to getting popular on Instagram. When you get instagram followers that are interested in your brand, you will be able to sell your products more efficiently. You can optimize your target audience in two ways – 

  • Core audience – here you can find your audience based on demographic data, interests, behavior, and life events. For example, if you want to sell gym apparel for women, you must target an audience that is interested in fitness. 
  • Look-alike audience – as the name suggests, this feature duplicates the audience that follows you on Instagram. Your followers are the best customers as they relate to your brand and are more interested in purchasing your products. Therefore, with a look-alike audience, you are more likely to gain a wider reach of potential customers. 

Choose the Right Ad Format 

Choosing the right ad format is crucial to grab the attention of the audience. Usually, there are four types of ad formats that you can use for Instagram ads – 

  • Collection ads – these use a combination of images and videos to showcase the product. The best part about these ads is that you can add interactive call-to-actions to drive traffic to your website. 
  • Instagram stories ad – Instagram stories help to keep the audience engaged. It is the best ad format for raising brand awareness and introducing new products to your followers. Use these ads at the top of the funnel to attract more audiences. 
  • Video ads – like Instagram stories, these ads are excellent for introducing your products and educating your audience about their use and benefits. 
  • Explore ads – these ads appear in Instagram’s Explore Feed and are best for discovering a new brand, products, and engaging content. 

Offer Discounts and Promotions 

Every person loves to shop when there is a discount or promotion sale on their favorite products. Perhaps it is also the most efficient way to grow your business and get popular on Instagram. Discounts and promotions captivate the audience and convert them into potential buyers. It is also a brilliant strategy to retarget your audience. One of the simplest ways to let your customers know about discounts is to use an online text message service.

Discount offers can be in the form of giveaway contests, ad engagement, and quizzes. Such activities not only increase brand awareness but also help in generating excitement and curiosity among the audience. Thus helping you gain wider reach and get popular on Instagram. 

Final Thoughts 

Instagram ads funnel is a game-changer to increase brand visibility and gain a wider reach. Moreover, it is the most cost-effective approach to attract the right audience and get popular on Instagram. Most Instagram ads funnel aim at engaging cold audiences and turning them into potential loyal customers. 

However, to create a powerful and high converting Instagram ads funnel, you need to follow the above steps carefully. Set the right marketing objective, target your audience, choose the right ad format and finally offer discounts. All these steps are sequential and help in growing your business exponentially. 

Image Source: BigStockPhoto.com (Licensed)

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