Do you find yourself with video or audio from a seminar, meeting, school or work but lack time to type the notes? You definitely need transcription services. Transcription comes in handy when you need to keep detailed notes from group meetings, phone calls, interviews and the like.

Basically, transcription services help turn your call or meeting recording into a well-typed transcript. This way, you capture everything in detail and don’t miss any important detail. Different professionals use transcription services regularly. Physicians use the services to turn audio recordings of patients into written records and add them to medical records. In the same way, lawyers will use transcription when they need written transcripts of legal proceedings.

Now that you know when you need to hire transcription services, your next question is how much it will cost you. Well, the cost varies depending on things like your location, the work itself, who you are hiring and other factors. Keep browsing to learn how much you will pay on average for a good transcription service online.

How Much On Average it Costs for Good Transcription Services Online

A short answer, it depends. The industry transcription standard rate can range from $1.00 to $3.50 per recorded minute. Services charge extra for speaker labelling, markers or difficulty. The cost will generally vary depending on the add-ons, turnaround project duration, and other factors like recording challenges.

As a client, the important factors to consider when looking at the rate of transcription services are the timeline, accuracy and delivery method. Here is a breakdown of what we mean.

Delivery timeline

Timeline is key as you may be working on deadlines. The last thing you want is to be locked in strict timelines. Even worse, be charged extreme amounts for a rushed timeline. Before making a choice, ask the service providers your options in terms of turnaround time.


Accuracy is self-explanatory. You need to be confident enough that the transcription service will provide accurate files. This is essential both budget-wise and time spent. Services that will give lengthy edits will cost too much. As you request for the rates, pay attention to the accuracy rate as well.

Delivery method

The delivery method is equally important. You will likely want to use the transcriptions in different ways. Companies mostly repurpose their video content into infographics, articles and more. If the transcription service is not providing editable text, it isn’t worth your money. Ensure the service you settle for does not charge you extra to deliver in different file types more so if you are already paying a high transcription rate per hour.

There are hundreds of transcription service providers online today. They all charge differently depending on several factors. As you hire a transcription service provider, don’t just go for that with affordable rates. Check their accuracy rate, delivery timeline and method. A reputable transcription service provider for any audio transcription be it academic research or interview recording, will have good customer reviews. Always check the reviews to learn what other clients are saying about the service provider, especially if you are using the services for the first time. And if you are working on a budget, get audio transcription at a discount to save some coins.

What about bad audio, accents and multiple speakers?

Bad audio, accents and multiple speakers are among the factors that will determine your transcription rate. If you have multiple speakers, noise in the background, accents or require language translation, the industry will charge you an extra fee. You may be charged $.10 to $.25 per audio minute for background noise, technical terminology, digitizing, accents, time-codes and time-stamps. The fee for your file to be transcribed verbatim go from $.25 to $.30 per audio minute.

If your audio has strong accents or heavy background noise, your charges may range from $.50 to $.75 per audio minute. Again, a foreign language transcription will cost you more, up to an additional $1 per audio minute.

For multiple speakers in the audio, the charges will vary according to the service provider. Some charge per speaker starting from $.25 per speaker per audio minute. More speakers mean you pay more. Take your time and analyse your options, so you settle for a provider that offers quality services at affordable rates.

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