Strong recruitment practices will ensure that you get the best people for the job. However, if you use terrible hiring techniques, you will end up settling for someone who isn’t on par with your standards. If you’re in the medical field, you have to find a way to change these hiring practices since you need only the best people for the job. These are some of the terrible hiring practices you need to stop doing now.


Relying on online applications


Yes, it’s convenient to use online application portals. You can put your ads and wait until people respond. You can even use social media to increase the number of people who can see these job posts. Although it’s a common practice, the problem is that you might end up with limited choices. You have to choose only from those who open the website you chose and the social media platforms you used. You might miss the chance to reach many other potential candidates.


Instead of relying only on this technique, you can ask for help from hiring firms like They will not only wait until applicants come, but also aggressively look for people who can fill the posts. They even have a pool of candidates who could take the job if it’s urgent. Their help could go a long way, given the connections in the industry. 


Accepting whoever applies


There are not a lot of people going into the medical field considering the difficulty of the job, and the responsibilities that come with it. Therefore, the supply of potential candidates is limited, while the demand is always high. If it’s your practice to accept whoever comes along just to fill the post, you’re doing it wrong. Make sure that you still set standards before accepting someone for the post. Go through the regular process of screening potential candidates until you find the right person. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a hurry. You can’t lower your standards.


Hiring mostly fresh graduates 


It’s easier for you to accept fresh graduates or those who recently received their license to do a medical job. The problem is that these people don’t have enough experience. It’s okay to hire some of them, but you still need the majority of your team to be highly experienced; otherwise, it could be problematic. Your reason for hiring fresh grads is that they accept low wages. Since you don’t want to spend more, you’re okay to hire them. When they gain enough experience, they will leave you and look for other jobs. It’s not a healthy practice for your team since you have to start over again.


These are only some of the terrible practices that you have to stop doing if you want to maintain the quality of medical services provided to your patients. You also need to improve your reputation. If you can’t keep quality doctors and medical professionals, you will turn patients off. They will look for other places where they can receive better treatment.


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