Everybody from engineers to construction experts agrees that a building made from steel is more robust, safer, and long-lasting. For best results, however, it is advisable to go with pre-engineered buildings or PEBs. They are relatively cheaper, durable, require less maintenance, and allow for design customization.

To make the process for construction even easier for those who would like to construct a building according to their own specifications, some companies have come up with an innovative idea of metal building kits. These kits are a package with a pre-built basic structure designed at a factory and delivered to your doorstep. When the package is delivered, all you have to do is assemble it with some tools. If you are looking for a 30x40x14 metal building kit for your garage or steel barn, it will work to your advantage to know a few things beforehand, even more so if this is your first time experimenting with this type of assemblage.

Uses of a 30x40x14 metal building

30x40x14 metal buildings are used for various purposes, including workshops, garages, storages, steel barns, and RV shelters. The cost of these metal buildings starts from 11,000 USD$ approximately but may vary depending on the specifications, upgrades, and location.

What is a metal building kit?

Almost everyone during their childhood days has played with toys that require to be first assembled before they can be used for playing, perhaps something like a ready-made train set. From the engine to the tracks, everything was available in a compact package. The same concept applies to a metal building kit. The basic structure is built and assembled in a factory by a company according to specific measurements and colors decided beforehand by you. The transport arrangements are usually taken care of by the company. The kit contains all the accessories required to build your building, including bolts, screws, purlins, girts, and frames. You could either put together the structure with your team or take the help of a construction expert if you want.

How does the process work?

Although different companies may have their ways of working, a few steps are common to all:

  1. A building expert from the company will contact you for details like site location, building codes, color, and the overall design. They will only proceed once you are satisfied with the structure’s design.
  2. The system will be built, taking into account the details, requirements, and preferences provided by you. The duration of that could be anywhere between two to three weeks. Once the basic structure is ready, you will receive certified, engineered drawings that outline the design and plan of the building.
  3. Your kit will be delivered according to a delivery date determined by you.

Transportation arrangements will be taken care of by the company. You can assemble a smaller structure with a team in a few days, but larger ones will usually require a week with five to seven people involved in the job.

Benefits of Metal Building Kits

Quicker and Easy to Assemble

The traditional method of building construction is lengthy and can take months or even a year. It involves leveling, excavation, foundation work, superstructure, and other processes. In a metal building kit, you have the basic pre-designed structure built in the factory along with the components. Once they are delivered to a selected site, they are assembled according to the assembly drawings. Labor costs, construction time, and other inconveniences are avoided.

Customization Option

A significant advantage of metal building kits is the option of customization. You can utilize every square footage the way you want to. You can select a particular design or color for your structure or add a feature that will serve you functionally in your business. In addition, if you are unsatisfied with a specific part or find that it won’t suit your needs optimally, you can bring that to the notice of the engineers.


Buildings made from wood, masonry, or concrete cannot withstand natural disasters as effectively as those made of steel. Wood buildings suffer from rot over time, while factors like bacterial corrosion, chemical damage, aggregate expansion, and seawater effects will significantly damage concrete. Steel structures can withstand storms, rains, and strong winds. They are also resistant to rot and chemicals, and won’t crack, split or shrink. They can also withstand earthquakes better than others. It is also a fireproof material which means that it won’t go up in flames in case of a fire accident or outbreak.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Perhaps a few other construction materials can be recycled by the recycling companies as effectively as steel. At about 98%, it is one of the best recyclable materials. As most steel buildings are custom designed, there are no significant leftover materials after construction is complete. Steel also lives up to the green building standards demanded by most countries around the world.

Being aware of these valuable things before placing your order for a 30x14x14 metal building kit can help you make a well-informed decision. Undoubtedly, it will be one of the best investments you make, as you will have a structure that’s durable, aesthetic, customized, eco-friendly, and easy to assemble.

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