Are you starting out as a general contractor in the United States? One of the key things to have in place before you even step onto a construction site is insurance. Most states require you to register as a General Contractor. But how do you know what insurance is the best for your new business? How do they work for you? Can they really save your business from financial risks?


Insurance experts recommend General Contractors General Liability Insurance as the bare minimum for contractors in the construction industry. Your General Contractors General Liability Insurance policy is your best option when it comes to covering your business, your assets, and yourself.

The construction industry is the most dangerous. Prepare yourself for when accidents happen, not if accidents happen. You could find yourself facing litigation from clients or third parties for damages caused by your business or your employees.

This is also the best insurance you can get if you want to spend the minimum. However, the cost of General Contractor General Liability Insurance is difficult to calculate. Your insurance consultant isn’t lying when they say that it is difficult to calculate the exact cost of General Contractor General Liability Insurance without asking you a few questions.

In fact, if they don’t ask these questions, they are not taking your specific needs into account. This might even cost you more because you may land up spending more than you need to. If you add other insurance policies, you may also be paying for coverage that you will never use.

No two General Contractors have the same number of employees and do exactly the same kind of work, so it is best to cooperate with any of the questions asked by your agent. The more questions they ask, the more your insurance policy will be relevant as that can mean that your policies are being curated according to your business’ needs.

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Here are 6 kinds of damage that you cover you with General Contractors General Liability Insurance:

  • Bodily Injury: For example, if you drop a tool from and it hits a person walking below on the sidewalk.
  • Medical payments: For example, if someone is injured on your business premises and needs medical treatment.
  • Property Damage: For example, a chimney collapses and falls into a neighbors house when you are busy repairing it.
  • Harm to Reputation: For example, when your marketing material contains images of people but you do not have their consent.
  • Advertising Mistakes: For example you don’t get written permission to use a brand’s name in your promotional material.
  • Damage to premises rented to you: For example, the building you rent for your offices catches on fire as a result of your malfunctioning equipment.


Contact or call us at (866) 225-1950 for a free quote. We’ll create a customized General Contractor General Liability Insurance policy that fits with your needs. We will also provide you with the lowest price for the best coverage. Don’t pay for coverage you will never need.

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