Finding your perfect career requires dedication and hard work, but you also need to make a good impression on everyone you meet that’s connected to the industry you want to enter into. From the professors that provide the qualifications you need through to the interviewers hiring for the jobs you want, it’s important that everyone you meet from your chosen market sees you as a trustworthy and professional individual that’s interested in growing as a person and driving their organization forward to success.


One of the key ways to make a good impression, be it at a job interview or in any other situation, is to wear clothes that make you look like you’re ready for your new role, and also make you feel confident and relaxed. It can be challenging to find the right clothing to balance the expectations of your desired role with your own individual sense of style, so with this in mind here are some tips on how you can use your clothes to get ahead no matter what job you want.


Think About Where You Want To End Up


Dress for the future so that you can show potential employees and colleagues what you’re looking for. If you want to become a leader, then start dressing like a leader long before you achieve your dream. Check out how leaders in your chosen profession and the businesses you’d like to work for in the future dress and try to emulate them. Don’t outright copy them, as this will be obvious and make you look like you don’t have the imagination to select your own clothes. Instead, try to see what sort of styles they wear and then find similar clothing. For example, if all of the leaders in your chosen market wear very relaxed ensembles, then wear those yourself. If the leaders in your chosen space wear formal suits then wear those, but buy them from different tailors and use creative patterns and colors to set yourself apart.


Put Your Own Unique Spin On Your Outfits


While it is important that you adhere to the unwritten dress-code of your chosen industry by replicating the same styles as the leaders you admire, it’s also important that you show off your own individual sense of style. To do this, find a creative accessory that really speaks to you and use it to offset your outfits. Select something timeless, like a luxury watch, to wear time and again or choose something bolder, like a bright scarf, that you can wear with some outfits and then change for something else at other times. However you choose to accessorize, make sure that your accessory really speaks to you and your personal style so that you can show your individuality whenever you wear it.


Wear Practical Clothes


Make sure that your work clothes are practical and designed to keep you comfortable in whatever environment you have to work in. Combining practicality with style can be tricky, so focus on the most important aspects of your outfit like your footwear and your jacket and invest in quality products that will go with everything and keep you safe. Designer trainers are one great way to show off your own unique sense of style whilst still looking presentable and keeping your feet warm, dry and comfortable no matter how long you have to stay on them during your working day. Brands like Fendi offer a broad range of trainers to suit all wearers, so take a look at these sneakers to find the pair that’s right for you.


Avoid Being Too Formal


The fundamental rule when dressing to make a good impression is not to go too formal so that you always look comfortable and aren’t the most outlandish and overdressed person in the room. Equally, you never want to dress too informally so that you look like you’re not interested in your career progression or the company you work for, so try to find a happy medium. A smart casual suit is the ideal way to hedge your bets and create a look that will be perfect for a variety of corporate situations. It can also be dressed up with a tie or dressed down by opening a few buttons and removing your jacket, meaning that you can quickly change your outfit to suit any situation.


When dressing for your perfect job, remember that whilst your clothes are important, they’re not the only thing you need to remember. Getting ahead in any industry requires hard work and determination, so incorporate this into every aspect of your career, not just your work wardrobe. By following these tips, you should be able to make a great first impression and increase your chances of achieving your dream career.


If you’re indecisive about what to wear and you’d like some help. Check out this random outfit tool. It’s a great way to get ideas for what you should wear or buy someone as an present. The items included in this tool range from gloves, shirts and blazers!


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