If you want to maximize your marketing efforts, then you need to print a banner. Banners can get maximum attention and stands out, showcasing your business or brand. You can choose from various options from huge vinyl banners, mesh banners for outdoors and retractable banner stands for office use.

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In this post, we shall share a few tips that can make your printed banner something unique and help you to promote your business in a very effective manner.

Use perspective

While designing your banner one most important factor that must be kept in your mind is the perspective. Your attendees will actually view it from that perspective. Any images higher above your attendees may appear different than people who are closer to ground height.

Work to scale

Consider scaling down the image to anywhere from 15 to 25% of its size when you are working with it by using your computer, so that it can become more manageable. You must still prefer to use with fairly high resolution even at such smaller sizes such that you need not make any adjustment when it will scale up.

Select a unique material

The material that you select for your canvas will play a big role in its functionality where it will be positioned at your venue. Also, it may enhance the image by adding texture to the colors that you use.

Less is more

Follow this simple rule and that can make a lot of difference. Often it is tempting to use every possible message in your banner to get across to your audiences, however, from the perspective of an end-user, any big, bold and very simple message with better graphics will be most effective in grabbing attention.

Use colors cleverly

You must always design by maximizing the use of different colors. You must also consider the environment, where your banner will be positioned, and how the competition is. You must use color to ensure that you should stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Select the right font

Based on the banner size and the distance from where your audience will view it, your font may look different. Any delicate or sophisticated font may appear blurry when it is transferred from a certain smaller image to a bigger one.

What resolution for print

Your resolution for large format graphics will be generally decided by its size and also the distance from where your audiences will view the image. As a thumb rule, while designing an image you must use a minimum of 150 dpi if you want to view from a distance of 10 feet away.

Use a great printer

You must find a good quality printer to print your message.

The right design of your banner can always give you better results in your marketing campaign.

Image Source: BigStockPhoto.com (Licensed)


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