Clients dictate the trends to the market. The market dictates trends to the clients. It is a constant circle of improving and moving forward. To stay tuned, you need to learn about the latest insights into the world of e-commerce app design.


Tooltips can help new users become familiar with the main features that are available in the application. You should make short clues — tips or descriptions. Display them the moment the person clicks or hovers over the item. Tooltips can be introductory information but do not have to include a call to action. Plus, it’s a good way to shorten text in spots where it is unnecessary.

Technical Support Right in the App

The person may not understand your application, or they will have a difficult adaptation. This is a normal process, but you can turn to professionals to solve this. Allow your target audience to ask all the necessary questions at once in the application. To do this, you need to either set up a chat with a specialist or create a page with answers to all popular questions. Visit to order app boosting services. 

Required Accesses Configuration

Mobile apps often require access to everything from contacts to a camera. You should make sure that your application does not require more personal data than it needs. Now the topic of privacy and data protection is very important for many users. A person can even simply delete an application if it asks them for too much data access.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is not something new in the industry. It’s been used in marketing for years. Many SMS Gateway APIs offer ways to integrate it into your software and reach out to customers automatically. Thanks to those SMS marketing has shown huge potential. Venture Beat data shows that the open rate for text promotions is 98%. For example, traditional email campaigns get 20%. And SlickText reports that the average click-through rate (CTR) for text marketing messages is 36%. For e-mail, this figure is 6-7%.

Here are four ways you can use SMS marketing effectively:

1. Customer surveys. They should be as short as possible.
2. Meeting reminders.
3. Offer a valuable incentive to sign up.
4. Information about sales and events.


The future belongs to those who can easily and easily convey the product’s benefits to a potential client. Simplicity, conciseness, lack of complex words and elements. Bet on these trends in your marketing.

Time is money. And in the 21st century, time is simply an invaluable resource. Save a potential client’s time, giving them only the basics, and you will win. The word “simple” has another meaning — “easy.” Therefore, make the path to your product for a potential client easy, and it will become yours with a 146% probability.


The buying process of the future is exciting, like a game. You need to involve customers in the processes leading up to the purchase. The simplest example of gamification is a quiz site. You can do it yourself through the constructors Marquiz or Envybox (“in-scale” +500 rubles for the balance). These are the TOP services that allow you to make a quiz in minutes.

After all, the higher the customer’s involvement on the way to the purchase, the more loyal they are. When they are more likely to part with their money in your favor, the purchase amount from such a buyer is also higher. There are a lot of examples of gamification:

  • Various games with the audience in groups on the brand’s social networks (sea battle, contests, etc.);
  • Online or office customer surveys;
  • Loyalty cards (collect six coffee and get the 7th for free);
  • Bonus cards (with the ability to accumulate miles, for example).

Connect Gamification

Elements of gamification will make the application more enjoyable and interesting. Let your users compete with each other and their friends when they use your app. However, choose the gamification tools that match your specifics.

Content Marketing

The future belongs to those companies that maintain their blog. Write articles that are interesting for potential customers on social networks. Devote your precious time to content marketing, and you will involve more people in your product.

Again, some statistics. By the end of 2015, companies with their blog received 60% more potential customers (leads) than companies that did not. If you consider that most people who come to the blog are potential hot customers, this indicator is simply gorgeous. In 2021, the trend will develop even more. 

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