Call center technology has come a long way and continues to make strides to becoming more intuitive, innovative, and useful. But while outbound call center software has evolved, it can be easy to overlook in our Internet-driven world.


There are also certain myths about call centers that may dissuade those who are considering getting one but seek justification for their investment. Call centers have their ups and downs, but there are some things that may be believed about them that were just not true. This article explores some of those myths and debunks them.


Call centers have been replaced by Internet-based channels of communication


Internet based methods of communication have grown in popularity over the past few years, but they have in no way replaced call centers. If anything, call centers have leveraged Internet technology to enhance customer experience.


According to an article by Comcast Business, half of all conversions online occur through call centers and call center-integrated marketing campaigns. And this is because customers want to be attended to in real time and they prefer interacting and talking to other human beings.


Call centers are just not good business anymore


This couldn’t be more false as a study by GrandView research, the software market for call and contact centers was worth $16.28 billion as at 2018.


Another study put the annual earnings of 13 percent of the call center industry at $25 billion dollars. This same study put about 36 percent earning between $250 million to $5 billion per year. The call center business is still a lucrative one.


Outbound calls just can’t compare with other forms of digital marketing


It is true that digital marketing has grown wildly over the past few years with social media taking a 44 percent chunk of the digital marketing space, however, cold calling is still a viable way of reaching out to customers and is second only to referrals for reaching B2B prospects. With the right outbound call center software and the right skills, agents can reach and convert customers.


Customers hate being put on hold


Every customer would prefer their problem be attended to immediately and seamlessly, however, putting customers on hold is sometimes inevitable. This doesn’t have to be a bad experience for the customer provided their problem gets attended to. There are ways to keep customers engaged even while on hold. It has even become something of an art.


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