Many homes and offices usually depend on air conditioners to provide optimum cooling solutions. As the temperature surges, it becomes imperative to cool out your home rooms and offices with a reliable cooling system. If you still don’t know which types of air conditioners are best suited for office or home, check out this article or visit and meet the cooling demands of the proper installation for your home or business.  .

The different types of commercial air conditioners

It is important to state that there are various types of air conditioners. If you want to consider large-scale air cooling systems, then the classification becomes more complicated. However, by virtue of simple commercial air conditioners for cooling our homes and offices, we have four different types of air conditioners.

1). The window air conditioning units.

Window cooling units are very common in homes and offices. They can be hung in both single and double windows. They are usually installed in buildings where ducted central cooling units will be too expensive. These units are fairly portable and small. They can be installed easily without the help of a technician. The window unit is only meant for cooling a single room in a small area. They can be installed in homes, schools, offices, or anywhere where cool air is needed in a relatively small room or enclosure.

2). Portable air conditioning units.

These are floor air conditioning units that are meant to stand on the floor. This type of air cooling system is usually bigger than window cooling units. Hence they help keep the room cooler as they remove more heat to keep the room cool. This is the best option for relatively bigger rooms, shopping malls, churches, offices, and outdoor arenas. They can be set up easily. The portable air cooling units are not a cost-effective solution for cooling rooms, however, does the job when money is not a factor to consider.

3). The split air conditioning unit

The split air cooling systems are known not to have any ducts. It comes with two components: the compressor (outdoors) and the evaporator coil (indoors). A conduit that passes through the wall connects the indoor and outdoor units. The split air cooling units are good for cooling homes where it is impossible to install ducts. Some split air units have the highest cooling efficiency of all commercial air cooling systems. The split air cooling systems are known for their flexible cooling systems. They are portable and compact but can be able to cool various parts of the home and office. They have heat pumps that can also be used for heating the home and the office.  They have a noiseless operational procedure. Compared to the portable and window units, the split air conditioning units are relatively more expensive. You will need to consider the aesthetics of your room or office when installing the split air cooling systems.

4). The Central ducted air conditioning units

The central air cooling systems stands as one of the best options to cool the home or office. The system works through a central outdoor chamber that blasts cool air via ducts to individual vents. These vents are located at all rooms of the home or office. They serve as an outlet to dispense the cool air into the room or enclosed space. The central cooling units are known to be highly efficient in cooling multiple spacesat the same time.  However, it can be expensive and requires regular maintenance.


These are the different types of commercialair cooling units available in the market. Many suppliers of air cooling systems like Brisbane Daikin air conditioning have all available air cooling systems for both homes and offices.

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