Whether it’s taking feedback from a customer to know if they were satisfied with your services or you wish to get ideas in expanding your business, surveys are the way to go. These customized questionnaires are the best way to get the feedback of your customers so that you are aware that the services you are providing are sufficient or that you need improvements and in which sector.


Surveys have always been used as an inexpensive method of measuring customer satisfaction; no doubt feedback is crucial if you wish for improved sales. It is an easy-to-create, cheap and fast method to collect accurate data/opinions of valuable customers that can be used as an innovative idea for future projects or gain the feedback of the consumer and improve your services for them.


There are many survey creator tools to choose from when creating your survey; in this guide, you will find the best tools to create your survey in 2019.


1. Google Forms

Google has taken the world by a charm, it was introduced as a free search engine and now makes operating systems too. The google apps are one of a kind and very easy to use. The interface of Google applications is something to appreciate. Just like all the applications made by Google, Google forms are also one of a kind survey maker. It is no doubt one of the best free survey makers out there with an interface so user-friendly that even a newbie can easily create a survey on it. It is a fully-featured free application made by google showing that survey making doesn’t need to be complicated. You can export your data to personalize your surveys and also link your Gmail account to get updates on the filled forms.


2. SurveyMonkey
Survey Monkey is also a famous survey maker. It is an easy-to-use, user-friendly and well-designed tool to create surveys. Unfortunately, it is not a free tool. The trial version provides you with ten questions with 13 types to choose from and no facility of exporting your data. So if you require making surveys regularly, then you must buy the premium version of SurveyMonkey.


3. SurveyLegend
SurveyLegend is also an excellent tool for creating surveys. The best part about SurveyLegend is that it is optimized for mobile devices, so if you do not carry a computer around with you and want to make a survey on-the-go, then this tool is for you. The interface of SurveyLegend is said to have a very polished look to it. The biggest problem with SurveyLegend is that it is also not free to use. The limitations on the free account are significant, so you must buy the full version if you wish to make unlimited surveys on your smartphone.


Surveys are crucial for taking the opinions of the users. The data collected from surveys is authentic and transparent because one person can fill one survey only. No business can prosper without taking in the feedback of the consumers under consideration, and this feedback can only be collected correctly with the help of questionnaires. Hoping this guide will help you in getting the best survey making tool for you!


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