Which factor plays a vital role in the success of your dropshipping business? If you think it’s finding the right supplier, you’re absolutely right.

Finding the right supplier for the product you want to sell is indeed the defining element of the success of your business. However, not all the entrepreneurs turn to AliExpress for the supplier solution.

Many entrepreneurs, especially the freshers, turn to Google to find suppliers, which turns out to be a disappointment more often than not. The product suppliers are good at manufacturing products, not marketing them.

The entrepreneurs, not being able to solve their problem on their own, turn to dropshipping directories.

What Are Dropshipping Directories?

A dropshipping directory contains the database of trustworthy wholesale suppliers, along with all the essential details such as contact information, fields of activity, manufactured products, and so on.

Once the entrepreneurs register themselves in the directories, they simply choose a supplier, upload pictures of the product on their store, and follow the dropshipping model.

Dropshipping directories seem to work perfectly for the entrepreneurs, don’t they? Well, not really. There are several downsides to dropshipping directories.

Downsides Of Dropshipping Directories

Paid Access

Most of the dropshipping directories aren’t free of cost. To access their database, you need to pay them a one-time hefty amount, or monthly or yearly fee. It is an added expense most newcomers are unwilling to pay.

Specific Pricing Strategy

Some of the suppliers in the dropshipping directories need proof of you being an approved wholesale seller, which is a lengthy process. If you’re not approved, they will sell you their products at the retail price.

Higher Preferences

The suppliers of the dropshipping directories are used to working with large-scale companies, and avoid partnering with small businesses, especially newcomers.

Limited Control

When you enter a partnership with these established suppliers, they will most likely decide all the terms, such as the MOQ and the maximum price markup. It will leave with little to no room for negotiation.

It is difficult for any newcomer to make his dropshipping business thrive in such a restricted environment, which is why entrepreneurs look for a better alternative to find suppliers.

AliExpress: The Best Alternative To Dropshipping Databases

AliExpress is the best alternative for both new as well as established entrepreneurs, and here’s why:

Free Access

AliExpress charges you no fee for registration. In fact, you can even browse the platform without logging in or signing up.

Higher Profit Rate

AliExpress, unlike most dropshipping directories, doesn’t ask you to set a limited upmark. Therefore, you can increase the price of the product on your website as much as you want to without affecting your deal with the supplier.

Flexible Sales Volume

The suppliers on AliExpress set a pretty low MOQ, which you can further negotiate on. The quantity of your order will never become a problem if you’re dealing with a supplier from AliExpress.

No Legal Requirements

AliExpress doesn’t require you to prove your legitimacy to make a deal with their suppliers.

Global Reach

The most significant advantage that the suppliers at AliExpress has over other dropshipping directories is their far and wide reach. Instead of limiting their services to Europe or the U.S., they deliver to every corner of the world.

How To Find The Best Dropshipping Supplier On AliExpress

Filter The Product Search Results

There are several filters on the product search page. After entering your product, check the 4-star and up box, and sort the product by orders. It will ensure that the results displayed to you are of high quality and most frequently bought.

Explore The Seller Statistics And Product Reviews

When you open the product page of a particular supplier, you will find the feedback score given by previous buyers and other statistics that might help you in determining the performance of the supplier.

You should also go through all the product reviews to learn about customers’ experience with the supplier’s product.

Examine The Shipping Terms

The product you sell must reach your audience on time at the lowest possible price. Thus, check the supplier’s shipping terms: which countries does he deliver in, how long does the delivery take, and what are the delivery charges.

Summing Up

If you’re looking for a supplier for your dropshipping business, you will find a better, more flexible and more cost-efficient deal on AliExpress than any other dropshipping directory.

However, finding the right supplier in AliExpress’s crowd can be overwhelming. The tips mentioned above can help you understand what to look for in the right supplier for your dropshipping business.


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